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Shezan International Limited.

Shezan International Limited has completed its 30 years of operations. The company is operating from its manufacturing units in Lahore, Karachi and Hattar (NWFP) and produces a large variety of fruit/vegetable based products - juice in bottles and tetrapak packets, syrups and squashes, jams and tomato ketchups, pickles and canned fruits and vegetables.

Shezan International Limited, is one of the prominent constituents of the Shahnawaz Corporate Group whose other members are, Shahnawaz Limited (established in 1946), Shahtaj Sugar Mills (1965), Shahtaj Textile Limited (1990), Hattar Fruit Products Limited (1990 - wholly owned subsidiary of Shezan International Limited), Shezan Services (Pvt) Limited (1980), Shezan (Pvt) Limited (1950), Guardian Leasing Modaraba (1994) and (Shahnawaz Textiles Ltd. (1992).

Both sales and pretax profit of the company showed a declining trend as compared to the preceding year. Sales during the year ending June 30, 1997 stood at Rs.536.4 million as compared to Rs.645.8 million in the preceding year showing a fall of 16.9 per cent. Pretax profit during the same period also showed a fall of 49.6 per cent down from Rs.40.5 million to Rs.22.6 million in 1997. There was declining trend in the production as well. The adverse performance was attributed to economic slowdown. Input cost has increased substantially. The tariff on imported products has also been reduced and because of these there was an increasing competition due to the availability of large quantities of imported consumer products. The company contributed Rs. 29.035 million in the shape of excise duty and Rs.67.377 million in sales tax for the year ended June 30, 1997.
Three years at a Glance of Shezan International Limited

 (Rs. in million)
 1997 1996 1995

Sales 536.4 645.8 397.4
Paid-up Capital 50.0 50.0 50.0
Shareholder's Equity 152.2 148.5 143.6
Pretax Profit 22.6 40.5 44.6
Earning Per Share 3.7 5.2 5.6
Cash Dividend (%) 30.0 42.5 35.0


Juice Bottling (Crates) 1,715,053 2,288,815 1,971,099
Juice Tetrapak (000 dozens) 1,905,961 2,044,485 916,369
Squashes and Syrups (000 dozens) 143.8 98.2 64.9
Jams and ketchup (000 dozes) 227.1 188.4 102.6
Achar (000 dozens) 64.7 68.5 36.0
Canning (000 dozens) 89.4 54.7 17.9
Three years Performance of Hattar Fruit Products
(A Subsidiary of Shezan)

 (Rs in million)
 1997 1996 1995

Sales 154.13 246.76 151.63
Paid-up Capital 25.00 25.00 20.00
Shareholders Equity 141.18 125.31 95.53
Pretax Profit 13.07 31.99 29.60
Earnings per share 6.94 10.31 14.42

The export in the last 3 years increased steadily but in 1997 it increased more than 50%. Efforts are being made to enter into the new markets including Japan. The exports during 1995 to 1997 were as follows:
Year Rs. million

1995 45.00
1996 69.50
1997 71.70
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Date:Jan 1, 1998
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