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Shetland pony has tum grief; The Yorkshire Vet By Julian Norton.

Byline: Julian Norton

LAST weekend I was called to a Shetland pony called Dotty who was suffering from painful colic.

A horse has a long and complicated intestinal system which is prone to problems that can be serious.

We always treat colic as urgent - but Dotty wasn't too bad and I could fix her with an injection. It wasn't long before the drugs were working and we could see the relief on the little pony's face.

My next call was also to an abdominal problem - this time it was a calf with bloat.

Escape His abdomen was full of gas and he looked and felt as tight as a drum. This can be very serious if the gas can't escape. I used a plastic pipe and a device called a trochar, a spiked tube.

The calf grew much more comfortable as the gas rushed out.

My final interesting case was completely different. Emerald was a chameleon suffering from dehydration.

She didn't need any magic injections, just the right type of housing system to allow her to sip moisture from the plants in her tank.

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OFF COLOUR: Emerald the poorly chameleon

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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Nov 26, 2017
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