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Sherlock Holmes Lost Adventure.

Sherlock Holmes Lost Adventure

Laurern Steinhauer

iUniverse, Inc.

2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512

ISBN: 0595317073 $12.95

Lauren Steinhauer is a artist and storyteller. He has written poetry and short stories, and these are all hobbies. Lauren has worked at Universal Studio with Albert Whitlock, Alfred Hitchcock's special effects man. He also performed at the Magic Castle as a professional magician. He designed movie posters for Hollywood studios and has experience in art campaigns and advertising. He worked in San Francisco in computer graphics and has spent time teaching computer workshops. He has published books for the DUMMIES series in Director skills. He spent ten years writing SHERLOCK HOLMES LOST ADVENTURE.

Using a near perfect imitation of Arthur Conan Doyle, Lauren Steinhauer resurrects Sherlock Holmes for an adventure that expands on hints of an adventure alluded to by Doyle in THE SUSSEX VAMPIRE. This story follows A STUDY IN SCARLET, as Holmes is recuperating from his most recent adventure. Sherlock has several clients: one a missing little girl, and two others which both speak of a stolen typewriter. Lucy Gates, a radiant and fragile beauty, graces Sherlock's parlor and totally mesmerizes poor Watkins. Holmes suddenly decides upon a holiday, and at every step something bizarre happens and dark figures materialize out of nowhere:

"I bolted over a crag just in time to see Holmes slap his hand on the figure's shoulder, only to be violently shaken off as the villain swiped Holmes with the purloined satchel, then threw it at him in the heat of defeat. Suddenly the brute disappeared with a horrific scream. What I finally reunited with Holmes, I saw that our mysterious foe had stumbled into the entrance of a deep, vertical shaft and was hanging by the bleeding finger-tips of one hand to crumbling limestone, his right hand outstretched to meet Holmes' offer of aid."

Steinhauer has been a careful student of the writings of Arthur Conan Doyle, and he produces a veritable masterpiece complete with fiends, maniacal scientists, damsels in distress, travel to dangerous places replete with snakes, volcanoes, mosquitos, and nightmarish freaks. The cadence of his writing is so like Doyle that it is uncanny. This is an absolutely wonderful work!
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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