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to Geoffrey Hill

 What fields became: you, sneck-blasted cover-boy
 for New Age prospects; some raspberries, wormy both to touch &
a lone horse cropping grass from gorse. I can't
rework a photograph the mind pawns, forwards past this powder keg
of Pentland storms. Railpath, not much used
because it terminates here, at the bypass, a traffic roundabout. Rotary,
we call them back at home where they are rare & vaguely Communist.
They rely on man's goodwill to man. Surely this amuses you, in
's one-way purgatory of cod & sleet. Hogweed, white
runoff plugged with waste or worse; rank betony.
Love amerces love, & all proper cares of love's inflection.
Earth remands:
some walls of rubble-stone. A different resurrection. 
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Author:Waldrep, G.C.
Publication:Prairie Schooner
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2013
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