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Shepherd, Megan. Midnight Beauties.

Shepherd, Megan. Midnight Beauties. HMH Books for Young Readers, August 2019. 448p. $17.99. 978-1328811905.

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Anouk and her friends Beau, Cricket, Luc, and Hunter Black are beasties. Created by a spell cast by Rennar, Prince of the Haute, they became human. Unfortunately, Rennar has trapped all but Anouk back in animal form in order to force Anouk to marry him. Anouk travels to The Black Forest where she prepares for the Coal Baths. Each girl must walk across burning coals. If she has chosen the right "crux," she will survive and become a witch. If not, she is incinerated. When Anouk fails and begins to burn, it is Rennar who saves her, returning her to Paris to recover. Not only has she failed at becoming a witch, she has lost the magic she once held. Rennar releases her friends from animal form as a gift. He and Anouk marry in name only, hoping to defeat a rising threat to London. At Stonehenge, Anouk discovers her real power, and with her friends she saves the world from impending doom.

The beasties are uniquely wonderful creations and truly the stars of these books. The Haute seem weary of their long lives and endless power, caring little for individuals who are lost as they blunder through magical battles. Rennar is a less sympathetic character in this sequel to Grim Lovelies. Anouk makes no attempt to hide her love for Beau. The love Rennar professed grows bitter in the face of their constant romance. The action careens from one scene to another never allowing readers a breathe. This is the kind of book that softly whispers, "Read one more chapter." And you do, even if it is past your bedtime. This title should have wide YA appeal!--Nancy K. Wallace

As the sequel to Grim Lovelies, Midnight Beauties contains everything that returning readers wished for. This book follows Anouk as she fights to get her family back and fix the mess she got thrown into-going through numerous trials as more and more enemies threaten both her and the shaky order. Fast paced' and full of twists and turns, this novel keeps readers on the very edge of their seats wondering what's coming next, making this the perfect read for any YA reader. 4Q, 4P. --Helena Kalantzis, Teen Reviewer

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Author:Wallace, Nancy K.; Kalantzis, Helena
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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