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Shepard faces an epic mission.

Mass Effect 3 Platform: Xbox 360 Genre: Action/RPG. Developer: Bioware FEW games arrive with the sort of hype which surrounds Bioware''s concluding part of their grand sci-fi opus and even fewer actually deserve it.

And after the magnificent Mass Effect and the even better Mass Effect 2 - arguably two of the greatest games ever made - the bar has been set astronomically high.

But while not perfect the return of Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy is a truly incredible feat that builds its predecessors and rounds out the story with aplomb.

The Reapers, an ancient race of machines hell bent on destroying all organic life in the galaxy, are back and after a devastating opening in which they blitz the Earth, the heroes are dispatched to draw together the myriad of alien races who all face extinction unless they pull together.

While sounding a simple premise, anyone who knows the series can attest to the fact that no Mass Effect ever skimps on the story and for the 40hours or so it might take to complete in its entirety the game immerses you in a tale that is the equal or better of the best efforts on page or screen.

Unlike Mass Effect 2, this time Shepard's mission is far less personal but far more epic as every action and moral choice has far reaching consequences for the galaxy. By helping individuals, armies, governments and entire races, Shepard collects War Assets and slowly builds a higher and higher level of galactic readiness, which all feeds into the final fight to rid the universe of the mechanical menace.

Of course, with save games and all the choices you made importable from game one to two to three the experience is all the richer if you are willing to go back to the beginning and play through from the start but even tackling this third instalment on its own the sheer depth of character and plot is astounding. Add to that almost universally great voice acting and a beautifully orchestrated score and the game is the icing on a very impressive cake.

Few games deserve their hype and fewer still meet expectations but Mass Effect 3 does all of that and more. It may not be the best game ever - but that's an argument that will rage for some time to come.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Mar 9, 2012
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