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Shelley on the telly: Baby Patience is not a virtue.

Byline: Jim Shelley

PUTTING the tedium of Rita's feud with the charmless Cilla behind them, this is a blinding week for Coronation Street (ITV) with both the birth of Tracy's baby and Steve and Karen McDonald's wedding. Trust me, this is about as good as soap operas get.

Generally EastEnders and formerly Brookside make the loudest claims to running the most radical, provocative storylines in soap land, but neither can touch Corrie's commitment to challenging/mad stories surrounding the Croppers.

Just to re-cap for those who do not follow it. Some time ago, Roy (a strange individual at the best of times) paired up with Hayley (nee Harold) - an anorak-wearing transsexual and Peter Beardsley-lookalike. No, honestly. Then, last year, Tracy Barlow (beloved/despised daughter of nice old Ken and Deirdre) doped the hapless Roy with champagne and rohypnol, dragging him to her bed purely for the sadistic pleasure of winning a bet (1p in fact).

Pregnant, she then sold Roy and Hayley her baby (for 2,500,000 pennies). She then married Roy to give him rights of paternity, even though she knew full well (as do we - unlike Roy) that the baby's father is in fact Steve McDonald.

Steve, meanwhile, is marrying the buxom Karen in the Wedding of The Year on Monday. Confused? You will be in Salford.

Having suffered one final rejection by her childhood heartthrob Steve, after much agonising, last night Tracy handed her baby girl Patience over to the Croppers.

The audience at home were left haunted by the vision of a grey, slightly grubby Roy cradling the sweetest baby to ever grace a TV screen. He hovered over her with all the unease of a withered, white Michael Jackson.

Given the nature of her new 'parents', the circumstances of the storyline, and the fate that babies usually suffer in soap (annual abductions, regular hospitalisation due to life-threatening illnesses etc), you really wouldn't want to be that baby.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 12, 2004
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