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Shell scapes: bring beach memories to the table with artful shells.

Collect seashells from the beach or purchase them from antiques or craft stores, and enjoy displaying them as shellscapes, serving pieces on the table, or as decorative objects crafted into artistic sculptures. Display sculptures as objects d'art on shelves, or line them on the table intermingled with a variety of shells touched with gold and a few flowers.

For the table, accent the beauty of the natural shells with pearlized and gold paints and nontoxic sealers to create useful objects such as salt and pepper cellars, candy dishes, and bread plates. For artistic placemats add tiny shells, pearls, and craft-store beads around the edges of sand-colored beaded placemats with a hot glue gun. Center the setting with an ocean-blue tinted plate topped oyster shells painted with pearlized paint and edged in gold paint. Glue small groups of shells to the tops of gold curtain rings for napkin rings. Monograms scripted with a gold marking pen on small shells make elegant place cards and favors for guests. Or send each lady home with a pearlized oyster shell edged in gold, repurposed as a small jewelry dish in remembrance of the delightful time. And of course, serve seafood and an elegant light dessert with small chocolate shells on your shell-chic tablescape. m

Individual or master salt and pepper cellars are made by painting the interior of small shells with Classic Gold Liquid Leaf and sealing with a nontoxic sealer.

With a fine-tip gold marking pen, script the monogram of each guest onto a small shell for a place card and special favor.

Paint the interior of shells with Classic Gold Liquid Leaf and seal with a nontoxic sealer to create artful containers for flowers, candy, and bread.

Attach small groups of shells to the tops of gold curtain rings with glue to create artistic napkin rings.

Secure shells, sea fans, and star fish to the tops of painted wooden finials on wooden bases with glue. Add smaller shells, pearls, and beads to balance the sculptures.

Paint the interior of oyster shells with Americana Pearlizing Medium or Pearlized Paint. When dry, edge the shells with Classic Gold Liquid Leaf. Seal with a nontoxic sealer. Glue on a pearls for accents.

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