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Shelf-and-bin storage.

Shelf-and-bin storage A shallow groove cut down the center of a plywood panel makes the front of this pull-out bin look like the doors above it. The 27- by 31-inch panel masks a 23-inch-high, 22-inch-deep bin that rolls on heavy-duty side-mounted drawer glides. Notches routed in the top edge of the bin's panel and the bottom edges of the doors serve as pulls. The cabinet was designed by McAuliffe Cuddy Architects of Sacramento for Corinne and Bob Marshall.

PHOTO : Upper-level storage shelves, 24 inches deep, match depth of those in adjacent closet

PHOTO : "Two-door" drawer front conceals single pull-out bin for toy or clothing clutter
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Title Annotation:built-in cabinet
Date:Jun 1, 1988
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