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Shelf-Life Problems, Technology and Solutions.

SHELF-LIFE PROBLEMS, TECHNOLOGY and SOLUTIONS. 219 pages. Price: 65.00 [pounds]. (UK. CFDRA or Food Trade Press Ltd)

This text forms the Proceedings of a symposium held at Chipping Campden in March last year. Seventeen papers were presented to the assembled delegates and all but one is published here.

The titles of the ones published run: New products - trends in the UK marketplace and food storage considerations; Legislation affecting food storage - present and pending; Modified atmosphere packaging; Oxygen absorbers coming of age?; Processing innovations; Aseptic packaging; Irradiation; Shelf-life - a commercial point of view; Identification of storage problems - consumer acceptablity; Time- temperature indicators; Peroxidase and enzyme regeneration - peroxidatic and oxidatic free radical reactions and their interactions with other constituents; Oxidative deterioration; Natural anti-oxidants; Natural flavours and colours - considerations during storage for a range of product types and storage situations; An ultrasonic monitor for emulsion stability during storage; and Stability of starches.

This text if fully illustrated with all the graphical material that was presented at the event, and it includes representations of the various illustrations that were used to demonstrate certain important points. Apart from the one paper on Non enzymatic browning and its inhibition, you can read all about what happened if you didn't have the time to attend in person.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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