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Shelf technology talks to shoppers' phones.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Shelf signal technology looks set to be the next in-store mobile phone innovation in the coming year or two.

Tarrytown Pharmacy, located here and one of 3,500 in the Health Mart national pharmacy chain, has fully installed the iBeacon system in the store. Now shoppers with smartphones can have coupons beamed from the beacon to their phones, which they then show at the register.

Shelfbucks Inc., the leading iBeacon platform for stores, showcased the technology at the South by Southwest conference. The system works with the iPhone and Android smartphones, but phones must be equipped with Bluetooth or Near Field Communications.

Mark Newberry, the third-generation owner of Tarrytown Pharmacy, said: "Tarrytown Pharmacy has been an anchor of our community for more than 70 years because my family and I have always focused on the needs of our customers, most of whom we know by name.

"Shelfbucks is yet another way that we deliver personalized service, offer the best possible deals on the products our customers prefer and create daily shopping experiences that strengthen long-term loyalty."

Shelfbucks CEO Erik McMillan added: "Shelfbucks provides Mark and his team with real-time actionable data on in-store shopper brand preferences, enabling him to successfully adjust his store's promotion and pricing strategies. Our platform enables Mark to improve his customer experience while increasing category sales."

He noted that there will likely be tests of the beacons at major retailers later this year.

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Title Annotation:State of the Industry: the Issues
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Apr 28, 2014
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