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Shelf lIfe; The latest sweet treats new to supermarkets.

Byline: Words: Lynne Hyland and Gabriella Pisani and Octavia Walker

Chokablok Rocky Road of Love Squares, PS3

Five squares of truly decadent brownie with extra chocolate, digestive biscuits and marshmallow hearts. We had no trouble finding willing testers for this, but couldn't get much out of them except, 'Uhhh, mmmm, ooohhh, nom nom nom.'

Our fave

Percy's Pig Sty Soft Fruit Gums, PS1.39

We always love the famous M&S piggy. His new incarnation includes Percy and a range of random untidiness from his sty: chess pieces, Y-fronts, coins and alarm clocks. Cute and quirky.

Haagen-Dazs Meringue and Raspberry Fondant Secret Sensations, PS3.29

H-D ice cream is already so good there's not really any need to mess with it, but they have anyway. The meringue and fondant make it quite a sugar hit, but if you're sweet-toothed, you'll love it.

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 21, 2012
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