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Shelf after shelf of Oregon edibles.

Pioneer dubbed Oregon the land of milk and honey. And so it is today: Oregon produces some of the West's best edibles, from Tillamook cheese to star thistle honey. You'll find a proudly provincial selection of such products at the five Made in Oregon stores in and around Portland, and at a new gift shop in Salem.

Made in Oregon acts as a retail distributor for more than a hundred producer, mostly small cottage industries that make wild berry jelliers, fruit jams, mustards, sausages, and wine, to name only a few items. Some of the familiar brands are also sold in other stores, but what's special about Made in Oregon is the variety and quantity of their stock.

The store at the Portland airport is open 9 to 6 daily. The four others--The Galleria in downtown Portland, Lloyd Center, Clackamas Town Center, and Washington Square in Tigard--are open weekdays 10 to 9, Saturdays 10 to 6, and Sundays noon to 5. You can also order foods by mail; for a brochure and an order form, write to Made in Oregon, 921 S.W. Morrison St., Portland 97205, or call (503) 241-3630.

Oregon State Capitol Shop in Salem is another store of the same sort. It serves as the money-raising arm for Friends of the Capitol, a group that uses the profits to fund special refurbishing projects in the Capitol Building. The shop sells such delicacies as smoked salmon and sturgeon, and filberts in burlap bags ready for gift mailing. Hours are 9 to 4 weekdays, 10 to 4 Saturdays, noon to 4 Sundays. For details, call 373-1006.
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Date:Nov 1, 1984
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