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Sheldon, Edward Brewster (1856-1946).

dramatist. In <IR> GEORGE PIERCE BAKER </IR> 'S Harvard playwriting course, Chicago-born Sheldon completed his first play, Salvation Nell (1907), which was produced in 1908. The Nigger (1909) dealt with the status of blacks and presented sympathetically a love story of people of mixed racial ancestry. Other plays followed quickly: The Boss and Princess Zim-Zim in 1911; Egypt and The High Road in 1912; Romance in 1913; and The Song of Songs and The Garden of Paradise in 1914. The Jest (1919), in blank verse, is an adaption of an Italian play. Though stricken with paralysis in 1923, Sheldon collaborated with <IR> SIDNEY HOWARD </IR> on Bewitched (1924), <IR> CHARLES MACARTHUR </IR> on Lulu Belle (1926), and <IR> MARGARET AYER BARNES </IR> on Dishonored Lady (1930). Eric Barnes wrote a biography, The Man Who Lived Twice (1956), and Sheldon Rosen wrote a play about Sheldon and John <IR> BARRY MORE </IR> , Ned and Jack (1981).

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