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Sheetfed offset press operating, 3d ed.


Sheetfed offset press operating, 3d ed.

DeJidas, Lloyd and Thomas M. Destree.



506 pages




This text has been produced by DeJidas (director of graphic services and facilities group, Printing Industries of America and the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation--PIA/GATF) and Destree (editor in chief, PIA/GATF Press) as a supplement to press operating manuals and formal apprenticeship programs. They provide theoretical and practical guidance on improving print quality and productivity. The material is organized in conformity with the main tasks of PIA/GATF's Sheetfed Offset Press Training Curriculum, presenting sections on the history and basic principles of the sheetfed offset press, safety, the feeder system, the sheet register system, the delivery system, the printing unit, the inking system, the dampening system, press makeready, and press production. For this new edition of the text, they have added a chapter on preventive maintenance and mechanics.

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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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