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Sheet music device is designed for musicians with low vision.

Lime Lighter is a sheet music-reading device for people with low vision that is manufactured by Dancing Dots. Operated by a pedal switch, which advances staff music to the next measure, previous measure, or the beginning of the piece or section, the device displays magnified print music notation up to 1.25-10X the original size. Lime Lighter uses SharpEye Music Reader optical character recognition software, which is designed to scan print music using any standard scanner; Lime Lighter then imports the results of the scan and displays the music according to the user's preferences for magnification. Lime Lighter includes a touch-sensitive 17-inch, flat-panel personal computer monitor; an adjustable stand to support the computer screen; a foot pedal; and Lime software, with custom music-magnification features. In addition, a stylus tool is designed to allow individuals to write notes on the music and save their marks, and a playback feature that plays the sheet music in tempo. Dancing Dots will install and configure all software, including any necessary third-party magnification programs, before shipping the unit and will provide a one-hour training and orientation consultation by telephone after the product is delivered. The cost for Lime Lighter is $3,995. For more information, contact: Dancing Dots, 1754 Quarry Lane, P.O. Box 927, Valley Forge, PA 19482; phone: 610-783-6692; web site: <www.dancingdots. com/limelighter>.

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Date:Mar 1, 2010
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