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Sheep leap to horrible smelly end; THE YORKSHIRE SHEPHERDESS.

One sunny evening last week we decided that we'd take the sheepdogs for a gallop.

Not to do any work mind, this was purely pleasure. We could exercise the dogs and have a glance at how the yows and lambs were faring.

Raven, who is sitting her GCSEs, came part of the way before she decided to go for a ride instead.

She worried about whether she should have been revising but I told her that getting her nose out of her books and out into fresh air would be good for her.

The dogs enjoyed themselves. Bill played his favourite game of dog skittles. Kate and Roy aren't as keen as it involves Bill running into them at full pelt and knocking them flying.

As we turned for home I sniffed the air. There was an evil putrid smell. The children smelt it too, we followed our noses and were soon confronted with a terrible scene.

A small pool of black oozing mud, atop of which lay the putrefying bodies of countless yows and lambs. Quite how many we couldn't tell as only the wool on tops of their backs and some skulls could be seen.

It was horrible. Quite how, or why, they had ventured into this bottomless hellhole I have no idea but we concluded a place such as this was dangerous for both man and beast.

We went back and fenced it off but quite how many lives that place has claimed we will never know.



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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 25, 2017
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