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The Influence of Seasonal Factors on the Quantitative and Qualitative Parameters of Ram Semen of the Dzhalginsky Merino Breed. Mamontova, Tatyana; Katkov, Konstantin; Kizilova, Natalia; Aybazov, Ali-Magomet Report Jun 16, 2022 4010
Expression and Polymorphism of FShR Gene in Sheep with Different Fecundity. He, Xiaoyun; La, Yongfu; Wang, Jinxin; Di, Ran; Liu, Qiuyue; Wang, Xiangyu; Hu, Wenping; Chu, Mingxi Report Apr 30, 2022 4028
Sheep Giving Birth: Tips for Successful Lambing. Ball-Gisch, Laurie Sep 22, 2021 3104
Modelling a Transition from Purebred Romney to Fully Shedding Wiltshire-Romney Crossbred. Farrell, Lydia Jane; Morris, Stephen Todd; Kenyon, Paul R.; Tozer, Peter R. Nov 1, 2020 12670
Expression Analysis of BMPR1B, BMP15, GDF9, Smad1, Smad5, and Smad9 in Rams with Different Fecundity. Chen, Weihao; Tian, Zhilong; Ma, Lin; Gan, Shangquan; Sun, Wei; Chu, Mingxing Report Oct 31, 2020 6397
Use of Propylene-Glycol as a Cosolvent for GnRH in Synchronization of Estrus and Ovulation in Sheep. Santos-Jimenez, Zurisaday; Guillen-Gargallo, Sara; Encinas, Teresa; Berlinguer, Fiammetta; Veliz-Der May 1, 2020 5632
Milk Production of Lacaune Sheep with Different Degrees of Crossing with Manchega Sheep in a Commercial Flock in Spain. Jimenez, Lizbeth E. Robles; Hernandez, Juan C. Angeles; Palacios, Carlos; Abecia, Jose A.; Naranjo, Report Mar 1, 2020 5478
Analysis of Candidate Genes for Growth and Milk Performance Traits in the Egyptian Barki Sheep. Abousoliman, Ibrahim; Reyer, Henry; Oster, Michael; Murani, Eduard; Mourad, Mosaad; Rashed, Mohamed Report Feb 1, 2020 8382
Shave 'Em to Save 'Em. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 154
Effects of feed intake restriction during late pregnancy on the function, anti-oxidation capability and acute phase protein synthesis of ovine liver. Yang, Huan; Wang, Ying; Ma, Chi; Sun, Chuan; Liu, Yingchun; Wu, Kaifeng; Li, Ming; Borjigin, Gerelt; Report Feb 1, 2019 4741
In Vitro Culture and Biological Characteristics of Sheep Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Lu, Tengfei; Pei, Wenhua; Zhang, Shuang; Wu, Yangnan; Chen, Fenghao; Han, Xiao; Guan, Weijun Report Oct 31, 2018 5014
Effects of Follicular Fluid on Developmental Competence and Gene Expression of in vitro Fertilized Sheep Embryos. Germoush, Mousa O.; Al-Mutary, Mohsen G.; Al-himaidi, Ahmad R.; Al-Ghadi, Muath G.; Iwamoto, Daisaku Report Aug 31, 2018 6010
Correlation and Regression Coefficient Estimates between some Growth Performance Traits of Harnai Sheep. Short Communication). Kaleri, Rameez Raja; Kaleri, Hubdar Ali; Kaleri, Asma; Rashid, Abdul; Shah, Rashid Ali; Marri, Gul M Case study May 1, 2018 1328
Application of Regression Tree Method for Different Data from Animal Science. Koc, Yusuf; Eyduran, Ecevit; Akbulut, Omer Report Apr 30, 2017 5128
Raise sheep: low-maintenance livestock: requiring less space and capital than cattle, sheep can provide homegrown, pastured meat with terrific flavor and a powerful nutrient profile. Welch, Bryan Feb 1, 2016 2563
Picking up the pieces. Editorial Jan 1, 2016 486
Estrous synchronization using PMSG and GnRH in progesterone primed ewes. Venkataramanan, R.; Sreekumar, C.; Abiraami, R.; Manonnmani, G.; Gopi, H. Report Jan 1, 2015 992
The sperm fertilizing capacity of Russian fine-wool stud rams under the influence of Australian sheep genotype. Aksenova, Polina Vladimirovna; Ermakov, Alexey Mikhailovich; Kartashov, Sergey Nikolaevich; Klimenko Report Jun 1, 2014 2168
Urban sheep rearing adventures. Staciokas, Linden Column Jan 1, 2013 642
Comparative Study of Spontaneous and FUDR Induced Chromosomal Instability in Pakistani Lohi and British Suffolk Sheep - An Indication of Environmental Mutagenesis. Ali, Ahmad; Abdullah, Muhammad; Babar, M.E.; Javed, Khalid; Mustafa, Hamid; Akhtar, Maqsood; Long, S Report Apr 30, 2012 2848
Sheep of a different color. Smale, Ed Dec 28, 2011 809
GROWTH CURVE IN MENGALI SHEEP BREED OF BALOCHISTAN. Tariq, M. M.; Bajwa, M. A.; Waheed, A.; Eyduran, E.; Abbas, F.; Bokhari, F. A.; Akbar, A. Report Mar 31, 2011 1944
Raising sheep: the basics: with a little land and a bit of know-how, you can raise this relatively inexpensive livestock for food, fiber and the "shear" fun of it. Ekarius, Carol Aug 1, 2010 1674
Effects of progestagen and Pmsg on estrous synchronization and fertility in Kivircik ewes during natural breeding season. Koyuncu, M.; Alticekic, S. Ozis Report Mar 1, 2010 2930
Effects of replacing lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) hay with fresh citrus pulp on ruminal fermentation and ewe performance. Sparkes, J.L.; Chaves, A.V.; Fung, Y.T.E.; van Ekris, I.; Bush, R.D. Report Feb 1, 2010 5853
In praise of Finnsheep. Hatton, Fred; Hatton, Grace May 1, 2009 1268
Guide to sheep breeds: Grit helps ewe choose. Wallace, Janet Sep 1, 2008 3656
Chapter 12 Goats and sheep. Brady, Colleen Jan 1, 2008 6340
Can genetic research scuttle scrapie? Breeding sheep that resist the deadly disease. McGinnis, Laura Nov 1, 2006 994
Chapter 20 Feeding sheep. Tish, David A. Jan 1, 2006 5500
Chapter 21 Sheep ration formulation. Tish, David A. Jan 1, 2006 4144
No wool? No problem! Elstein, David Apr 1, 2003 511
Selecting for non-shrink sheep. (spectrum). Pyper, Wendy Apr 1, 2003 429
Challenge In The Heart Of Winter - High in the mountains of northern Alaska, the author braves bitter cold to observe an annual Dall's sheep ritual. Walker, Tom Dec 1, 2000 1347
THE FOUNDATION OF AUSTRALIA'S FINE WOOL INDUSTRY. Evesson, Brian; Moor, Russell Jun 1, 2000 2129
Make money with purebred Cotswold sheep. GRIFFITH, NATHAN May 1, 2000 3304
Shearing Assets of the VICUNA. Ceaser, Mike Jan 1, 2000 2703
A basic guide to raising sheep. Jul 1, 1999 3663
Which breeding schedule is right for you? Sep 1, 1998 1132
Dolly had a little lamb. Travis, John Brief Article May 2, 1998 80
Raising sheep - naturally. Dambacher, Val Jan 1, 1998 982
Gulf Coast sheep breeder preserves their history. Piehota, Don Brief Article Nov 1, 1997 1088
Cloning: good science or baaaad idea: (includes a comparison of reproduction of sheep by fertilization and by cloning)(Cover Story) Stiefel, Chana Freiman Cover Story May 2, 1997 1428
Texas Dall sheep: the horns are everything. Peevler, Carolyn Mar 1, 1997 849
Icelandic sheep: an old breed with new possibilities. Mongold, Susan Sep 1, 1996 3606
Some helpful tips for lambing season. Campbell, Rosie Jan 1, 1994 877
The excitement of breeding Romanov sheep. Carrick, Kelly Mar 1, 1993 634
Sheep breeding gains from frozen sperm technology. Corliss, Julie Aug 1, 1991 1687
Year-round lamb chops from the West? Jan 23, 1988 437
Prenatal 'sex change' for a leaner ewe. Jun 6, 1987 377

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