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Shedding light on Edison. (Letters to the Editor).

Regarding your article on Thomas Edison (June 30th issue), "The Man Who Lit Up the World" was Nicola Tesla, not Edison. And because of Tesla's more Christian character, Tesla deserves an article in THE NEW AMERICAN more than Edison.

Edison was egotistical and conniving, while Tesla self-consciously strove for the betterment of mankind. By working to develop alternating current against the negativism of the entire scientific world, Tesla truly lit up the world. Edison, however, who had invested in direct current, deliberately worked to subvert AC to keep his DC portfolio profitable, even if it meant keeping the world forever running on batteries. Edison's conduct in this matter was reprehensible, while Tesla's was admirable. To make sure that the world would benefit from alternating current, Tesla tore up a contract with George Westinghouse that would have bankrupted Westinghouse by requiring a small payment to Tesla for each horsepower generated by Tesla's system.

Edison may have had more patents, but Tesla had better character, and his genius was more far-reaching.


Desert Hot Springs, California
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Publication:The New American
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jul 14, 2003
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