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Shedding its old skin.

Being taken out to the woodshed has never been so pleasant and a visit to a college's admin offices has never been so welcome. Once a pedestrian workshop/storage shed, the new administrative center building at the Claremont University Consortium in Claremont, CA, has been dynamically refashioned with vertical strips of LED light on the exterior.


LTL Architects and lighting design firm Lumen Architecture, PLLC, collaborated on the installation, which is highlighted by 582 linear ft of the Plexineon White 1X Series product from iLight Technologies. Nelson Jenkins, owner of Lumen Architecture, chose the luminaires because "they're weather-resistant, durable and provide just the right brightness."

The university's objective in rehabbing the building was to consolidate into one location several departments and services that previously were dispersed across campus. To add some architectural sizzle, LTL designed a new slatted cedar screen that envelopes the existing facade and makes the building appear less utilitarian and more inviting. Jenkins then applied varying lengths of the strip lights to accentuate the vertical lines of the slatted screen. Where the screen transitions from wall to entry canopy, the slats are threaded with Plexineon in increased density to playfully highlight the structure's sloped geometry while providing general illumination and way finding. "The client really loves the effect," says Jenkins.

Challenge: Redefine a university building through a new facade, which acts a precursor to a new, user-friendly interior environment

Solution: A random pattern of bright LED light strips
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Author:Tarricone, Paul
Publication:LD+A Magazine
Date:Apr 14, 2012
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