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Sheamus Out to Slam 'em; EXCLUSIVE.


GET ready to rrrrrumble - Ireland's very own Big Daddy is threatening to wrestle his opponents to the ground and become world champ.

Giant Sheamus O'Shaunessy - who is nicknamed "SOS" or the Irish Curse - has vowed to take out all his opponents in his quest to be undisputed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Heavyweight king.

WWE has a massive following world wide and Sheamus is heading off on a worldwide tour to claim the title.

At 6ft 6in and 20 Stone of Pure Muscle, the mysterious "Irish Curse" says he will not be denied.

Jolly green giant Sheamus said: "I am equipped with the Heart of Leinster, The Strength of Connaught, The Wisdom of Munster, and The Fiery Hand of Ulster.

"I warn my enemies that I will mow down ALL who stand in my way.

"My vision is to stand in the ring in the biggest stadiums in the WORLD and look out to see a sea of green supporters giving me the strength to go right to the top.

"I am the toughest man in Ireland which is my domain... No mere mortal can stand in my way.

"The Irish Curse will crush and destroy his enemies. I seek and I eliminate."

The fighter will embark on a world trip and mop up title after title along the way.

All SOS asks is that the people of Ireland, Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA get behind him on his quest, as he shouts: "Live always, I'll always be, COME WITH ME!"

In real life Sheamus is 25-year-old former IT technician Stephen Farrelly, from Clonsilla, North Dublin - but he swapped his keyboard in 2002 for the wonderful, wacky world of wrestling.

His catchphrase is Who's Your Paddy? and his specialist moves are the Shamrock Shake and the Celtic Slam.

He is current Irish Whip Wrestling champion and the SOS will be defending his Irish Belt on Sunday night at the Laughter Lounge, O'Connell Bridge, Dublin.

Good luck Sheamus!


What a man... Seamus is on a quest to defeat all who dare to fight him
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 7, 2006
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