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She starts it all by sowing mixed seeds in March.

She starts it all by sowing mixed seeds in March Mixing seeds and sowing them directly in pots is an easy and economical way to start container bouquets like the ones pictured below.

In March, Dorothea Checkley orchestrates the planting of several dozen containers on her south-facing terrace. She mixes seeds of such plants as bachelor's button, cosmos, marigold, nasturtium, nicotiana, schizanthus, and zinnia, then sows them in pots. When seedlings reach 3 to 4 inches tall, she interplants them with seedling marguerites, petunias, and geraniums.

Starting in spring, Mrs. Checkley waters once or twice daily, picks faded flowers regularly, and feeds weekly during the growing season with half-strength fish emulsion. to sustain bloom into fall, she replaces plants that have finished blooming with fresh ones started in a small coldframe.
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Date:Mar 1, 1988
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