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She started with two bookcase units.

She started with two bookcase units

The room-wide bookcase at the end of this den is not what it appears to be. Although it looks like a single built-in unit, it is actually two separate, freestanding bookcases joined together with 20 1/2-inch-wide center shelves and with outer trim.

Homeowner Beryn Hammil positioned the 58- by 84-inch bookcases so each touched an opposite side wall, then filled in the space between with 1-by-10 shelving and a plywood back.

Covering the perimeter and the shelf edges with 1-by-2s made the joined sections look like one bookcase. For built-in lighting, a three-section band running above a waist-high display shelf masks a series of display-case bulbs. Above and below the display shelf, Ms. Hammil wrapped the facing sides of the old bookcases with book jackets to camouflage the vertical supports.

The whole unit can be dismounted by removing the face trim and unscrewing the screws and L-brackets that secure the center shelves.

Photo: Adding center shelves and trimming front (shown in color on sketch) makes two vertical bookcases appear to be a single horizontal unit that goes almost to ceiling

Photo: Wrapping dust jackets around bookcase's vertical supports turns them into "books"
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Title Annotation:bookcase design
Date:May 1, 1988
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