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She longs for the return of cloth flour sacks.

With the lay-offs and so many people in economic trouble, I was wondering if canning companies that use glass jars would make the jars that we can our food in, so we could recycle them at home for canning. Steens Syrup Company has a nice syrup I buy and I have used the jar to can with. Quail eggs come in a good heavy glass jar also. More canneries may be able to can food with the two-piece jars.

I also wish feed stores returned to the printed cotton feed sacks. I was 19 years old and first married and made half our window curtains with shades behind them, using those feed sacks. I hemmed some and made drying dish towels. Many times we covered quilts, made pillow cases, etc.; I miss them.

Kitchen tips

* Keep Irish potato water. Use in your rising bread, making biscuits, soups, etc.

* Rub stamps and pictures on a cooked potato for a good glue.

* Cook crushed pineapple with a little sugar and dry lemonade mix. Cook until thick, and spread on cake instead of a greasy icing.

* Use old tough beef meat for a vegetable soup meat.

* I use old cooking oil in a bottle mixed with soapy water to spray insects off my plants.

* Every food can is a flower planter. Put one hole in the bottom.

* We use a discarded kid's wading pool for our green onion, mustard greens and parsley bed up close to our house in winter. Put a few holes in bottom for drainage.

* I use barley and brown rice in soup as a starch.

* When I was born I was the 10th child and Mama used Gold Medal flour sacks for my diapers and sleep pads.

I was born in 1930 and very young when things were rationed when WWII came. People bartered and made do with many things you couldn't buy. Mama baked bread in a homemade brick oven in our back yard. My brothers made sling shots and china ball guns. Papa sold veggies and Mama had poultry and rabbits. We all went to work very young. These kids selling dope need to be made to work! Work helps all ills.

* I sure miss J.D. Belanger's articles.

* My son tells me I keep too much stuff and I say heck yes; you'll need it sooner or later!

Ed. note: Use only glass jars recommended for canning because other jars (mayonnaise, etc.) may shatter during the heating process leading to serious injury, although they work great for dried foods.



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