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She gained kitchen space with built-ins.

Inches counted when designer Andrea Gardner remodeled her Los Angeles kitchen. By borrowing space from two adjacent rooms, she made her small kitchen seem larger without adding floor space. Gardner popped a 20-inch-deep cabinet system into a side wall and a built-in refrigerator into a laundry room, framing these openings in nonstructural walls.

The cabinets replaced a counter along one side of the 11- by 19-foot room. Their solid and glass-front doors were cut from continuous piece of plywood so the vertical grain would match.

In the center of the kitchen, Gardner added a hardworking 30- by 48-inch island. Not only does the maple-topped island provide a cutting surface but it also has shelves for cook books, cabinets and drawers, a telephone center, and cavities for two stools.
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Date:Apr 1, 1985
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