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She found mapman! Thousands of you figured out my final destination.

This year's Find Map-man contest (see JS 2/28) challenged you to correctly answer eight questions, figure out my final destination (Cyprus), and create your own map of Cyprus--an island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.



This year's grand-prize winner is Olivia Wischmeyer (above), 12, of Slavens K-8 School in Denver, Colorado. Congratulations to Olivia and her teacher, Courtney Miller.

Our contest drew more than 9,000 entries from 46 states--and Heidelberg, Germany. Olivia's entry (above right) won the grand prize because of its elegant portrayal of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, flanked by the flora and fauna of Cyprus.


For her great work, Olivia wins a $500 U.S. savings bond and a Wii. She and 25 runners-up will each get a Mapman T-shirt.

The Runners-up

ARIZONA LessJie Rodriguez, Acclaim Academy, Phoenix

CALIFORNIA Alexa Oliveira, Sacred Heart School, Turlock

COLORADO Delaney Letts, Alicia Pankratz, Bethlehem Lutheran School, Lakewood; Jenna Winocur, Slavens K-8 School, Denver

FLORIDA Isabel Hautmann, Gulfview Middle School, Naples

ILLINOIS Flynn Sheehan, Gwendolyn Brooks M.S., Oak Park

MASSACHUSETTS Sarah McLellan, Inn Street Montessori, Newburyport; Bogdan Znakharchuk, South M.S., Westfield

MICHIGAN Sarah Schmitt, West M.S., Grand Bfanc

MISSOURI Sarah Lueder, Wendy Uelk, Visitation Academy, St. Louis

NEW JERSEY Theo Everett, Rachel Li, Sammie McKechnie, Randolph M.S., Randolph

NEW MEXICO Drake Bjorkman, Taos Charter School, Taos

NEW YORK Alex Uys, Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn

PENNSYLVANIA Nicole Hege, Gabriel Matos, Manor M.S., Lancaster; Christina Mitchell, Holy Guardian Angels School, Reading

TEXAS Vicente Elizaide, Hughes M.S., Burleson

UTAH Maddy Chin, Madeline Tolley, Albion M.S., Sandy

VIRGINIA Farhaj Murshed, Hayfield Secondary School, Alexandria

WISCONSIN Kristin Schmitt, Saylesville School, Rubicon

Find Mapman" Contest Answers, p. 23

1. Ankara

2. west

3. Aegean Sea

4. Port Said

5. a peninsula (the Sinai Peninsula)

6. Asia

7. Nicosia

8. Cyprus

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Author:McMahon, Jim
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Date:May 9, 2011
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