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She found Mapman!


Where in the world did Mapman[R] go? That's what we challenged you

to determine in our "Find Mapman" contest.

In our February 16 issue, we showed you the route that Mapman followed on his most recent trip. Your mission: Answer eight questions about the journey, then create your own map of Morocco--Mapman's final destination.


Meet the Winner

More than 9,600 students entered our contest. This year's grand-prize winner is Darice Pollard, 12, of Gulfview Middle School in Naples, Florida. Congratulations go to Darice and her school, which has produced a few grand prize winners over the years.

Our 2009 contest drew entries from coast to coast--from Los Angeles and other big cities, to places less familiar, including Manhattan, Montana.

"Darice's map [see detail above] took the grand prize," says Mapman Jim McMahon, "because it captured a scene you often see in Morocco, especially in the holy city of Fez." Darice set the scene on the back of her illustrative entry with these words: "Picture of a Muslim praying at a water fountain with his hands raised up to his God. It takes place in front of a [mosque]."

For her outstanding work, Darice wins a $500 U.S. Savings Bond and a Nintendo Wii video console. She and each of the 25 runners-up will receive a Mapman T-shirt. Thanks to all the students and teachers--from 47 states--who helped make this year's contest a huge success! JS

the 25 runners-up

Caroline Baldwin, Gulfview Middle School, Naples, Fla.; Celeste Blum, Saint Joseph School, Farmington, Mo.; Danielle Civitarese, Saint Jude School, Waltham, Mass.; Matt DiAngelo, Greenville M.S., Greenville, Me.; Cassandra Duernberger, Saylesville School, Rubicon, Wis.; Ashtyn Freauff, Frontier Academy, Greeley, Colo.; Austin J. Ha, 10th Street School, Tulalip, Wash.; Jenna Haselhorst, Visitation Academy, St. Louis, Mo.; Samantha Hung, John F. Kennedy M.S., Cupertino, Calif.; Nitin A. Krishna, Saint Camillus Academy, Corbin, Ky.; Aaron H. Ladner, Mountain Gap M.S., Huntsville, Ala.; Daniel Lopez-Cepero, Discovery M.S., Orlando, Fla.; Jared Mac, Emerald Heights Elementary School, Silverdale, Wash.; Hannah Maeser, Mountain Gap M.S., Huntsville, Ala.; Tiernan McGraw, East M.S., Traverse City, Mich.; Anna McKee, Visitation Academy, St. Louis, Mo.; Samuel Mirarchi, Holy Guardian Angels, Reading, Pa.; Molly Peregrine, East M.S., Traverse City, Mich.; Katie Perry, Greenville M.S., Greenville, Me.; Evan Schreiber, Fallen Timbers M.S., Whitehouse, Ohio; Yvanarde Semexan, Piney Grove M.S., Cumming, Ga.; Zach Simpson, Aledo Junior High School, Aledo, III.; Emily Slavin, Gulfview M.S., Naples, Fla.; Patrick Underwood, Gulfview M.S., Naples, Fla.; Alex Wheeler, Apollo M.S., Rochester, N.Y.

the answers:

1. Mediterranean Sea

2. Tunis

3. Algeria

4. Sahara Desert

5. west

6. Western Sahara

7. Marrakech

8. Morocco

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Title Annotation:GeoSkills; Darice Pollard
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Date:May 11, 2009
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