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She's in the pink; YOUNG REVIEWERS 2008/09.


SANDI THOM, THE CLUNY, NEWCASTLE THOM was one of the first wave of artists discovered on the internet and she went on to sell more than a million records with her debut album.

Now she is back with follow-up offering, The Pink and The Lilly.

Her fans are essentially 'peeping Thoms' having watched her career from the start via personal video uploads.

The Cluny has a feeling of intimacy which suits Thom's songs and the chemistry she shares with her band added to the warmth of the performance.

The title The Pink and The Lilly is taken from an old love story Thom admires and it proved apt last night as couples cuddled and swayed to her music.

Throughout the night you got the feeling that Thom treats her fans like closest friends and she confided she was fighting "an embarrassing sickness and diarrhoea illness" to perform and if she suddenly ran from the stage we knew why. Only once did she have to stop - much to the crowd's amusement - and it was left to her band to fill in with a jazzfunk number that kept the audience dancing.

The rest of the night was filled with toilet humour being thrown back and forth between the audience and Thom, who praised the Geordie bunch as being the best crowd to share her embarrassment with.

Songs old and new showed just how strong this woman's vocals really are.

New song Saturday Night and potential future single Music in My Soul showcased it perfectly.

Highlights though had to be a rocking performance of her biggest hit, I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, and an encore of the Foo Fighters' hit, Times Like These, which prove that unlike her bowel movements last night, Thom's career certainly wont be going down the toilet anytime soon.


TALENT - Sandi Thom
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Article Type:Concert review
Date:Jun 19, 2008
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