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She's happy to hear she's not alone.

COUNTRYSIDE: I am a new subscriber to your magazine and both my husband and I really enjoy it. I now know I am not a freak of nature! I have found other folks who share my views and vision.

Growing up, I was the only one of my friends in school who lived on a farm and the only one to marry a farmer. I have always loved the smell of freshly plowed soil and the smell of the air after a rain. The woods and animals were my refuge. None of my friends understood me. But that was okay with me. I married my farmer husband when I was a mere 17 and he 22. We have been married 34 years and blessed with three children and three grandchildren.

As I get older, I feel more and more compelled to live closer to the land. We have always been row crop farmers and/or dairy and chicken growers, but have had to maintain off-farm jobs also in order to keep the bills paid and try to maintain the way of life we thought we needed. From reading your magazine and others like it I now feel more free to just be a farmer and live a much simpler way of life. We are down-sizing as much as possible and becoming much more self-sufficient. Farm life is in the minority in our area. You can now count the number of farmers in our county on one hand. I guess that is true in most areas though. I just want to thank you and your readers for giving me "permission" to live the way I have always dreamed and not feel like I am an outcast!

With the downward spiral of our economy we may see a much larger number of people become closer to the land. I would like to develop some friendships via e-mail with other farm folks who share my vision for this homesteading way of life. My e-mail is Thank you for helping to enforce my desire to live like I want.--Jan Holley, Fulton, Mississippi

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Title Annotation:Country conversation & feedback
Author:Holley, Jan
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2008
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