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She's blooming & proud of her bump.. she's not talking about how she got pregnant, but she's obviously very pleased to be starting a family; EXCLUSIVE McCABE KILLER'S WIFE PREGNANT.


GARDA Jerry McCabe killer Pearse McAuley is to become a dad - after getting wife Pauline pregnant during a forbidden sex session behind bars.

The news sparked fury last night as a row erupted as to how the couple were able to conceive a child in jail.

McAuley is said to be "thrilled" at the news but a senior prison source said there will be NO review of security.

Last night the source added: "I heard that she's pregnant but Pearse hasn't confirmed that he's the father of the child.

"He hasn't applied for compassionate leave to attend the birth at this stage.

"And as to whether or not inmates are granted compassionate leave to attend the birth of their babies, each case is judged on its own merits.

"People have been known to get out for such occasions. Now this is a unique one and has its own problems."

Conjugal visits are forbidden in Irish prisons.

Friends say Pauline is about six months pregnant and proud of her bump.

One revealed: "She's a Sinn Fein councillor in Cavan and has been out and about canvassing for the election.

"She's positively blooming and very proud of her bump. She's not talking about the details of how she got pregnant, but she's obviously very pleased to be starting a family.

"Given the fact that he is in jail, it's fairly safe to assume she got pregnant during a prison visit."

McAuley is serving a 14-year sentence at Castlerea Prison for the killing of Det Garda Jerry McCabe in Adare, Co Limerick, on June 7, 1996.

He was one of the four-member IRA gang locked up at the prison in Co Roscommon, for the manslaughter of Garda McCabe.

Michael O'Neill was the first to be released early for good behaviour early last week.

Last night Pauline said she didn't want to comment on the matter.

She added: "I don't know what you're talking about. I have no comment whatsoever to make."

Last night a spokesman for Jerry's widow Ann McCabe said he would not be commenting on the matter. But our senior prison source said they are mindful of how hurt she will be.

He added: "We never forget the victim impact.

"And obviously you have to think of Mrs McCabe and you have to be considerate that here's a man starting a another family and that poor woman no matter what she does or doesn't do, it's not going to restore her husband to her.

"That's the reality of life.

"We here at Castlerea Prison don't look over our shoulder at what the Press will think of us, but what the reasonable man would do.

"And we will defend that in any forum."

Esther Uzell, who blames the IRA for the murder of her brother Joseph Rafferty, said the fact a prisoner can start a family from behind bars is a disgrace.

She said: "I don't think prison is really prison anymore.

"Anyone who heard John Daly on Liveline knows that.

"But they are put in there for a reason because they have taken somebody's life and yet they still have all the privileges we have.

"There's something seriously wrong there.

"They can still live their lives and still have all the comforts, and yet the poor people whose loved-one is murdered, their family is ripped apart and they have nothing.

"It's all wrong."

McCauley and the remaining McCabe killers are housed in a separate area within the perimeter wall known as The Grove, which consists of five houses in which offenders live in a domestic-type environment.

The prison source confirmed the inmates are left to their own devices, and that situation is NOT about to change.

He said: "The reality is Pearse is in The Grove, and it's a semi-open facility where people are allowed certain latitudes.

"It's not totally lax, the Governor runs the jail and continues to run the jail.

"But nevertheless, being the nature it is and it's not a high security prison in any shape, make or description.

"And by and large people are there on trust. By that people may think that we are giving over control, but we're not.

"But there is a certain amount of trust placed upon them and sometimes people might take advantage of that trust and that's the reality of life.

"The regulations stipulate visitors are allowed in between 10am and 12pm and 2pm and 4pm and that would be seven days for the Grove.

"The way we run it, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

"You have to be reasonable. You have to marry the security demands - which is of primary importance - to human response and you try to be reasonable in that. And that's the way it's done."

Killer McCauley has not been allowed out of prison on temporary release since 2004.

But he was released for five days on January 4, 2003, to marry his fiancee of two years in her local church at Kilnaleck, Co Cavan.

Pauline, who still uses her maiden name of Tully and is the second youngest of a family of 10, met her husband when she went to visit him in Castlerea as a Sinn Fein councillor.

She is a secondary school teacher in Cavan.

Killer McAuley was a regular visitor to their Kilnaleck home on weekends when he was allowed out on temporary release and canvassed with her on the doorsteps before the elections in 1999.

But prison officials stopped that due to public pressure. The couple's controversial 2003 wedding disgusted the public as the killer enjoyed a champagne reception at The Pub, before the main reception in the Percy French Hotel in Ballyjamesduff.

At the time Jerry's family were extremely hurt by the decision of the authorities to grant McAuley's release.

Det Jerry McCabe, a 53-year-old father-of-five, was gunned down during an attempted robbery of a post office cash delivery van.

His widow Ann was said to have been "absolutely devastated" to learn that her husband's killer was being released to marry.

According to Sinn Fein's website, "Pauline Tully-McCauley has been an elected member of Cavan County Council since 1999.

"In that time she has worked hard for the people of the Ballyjamesduff electoral area on a number of issues including care for the elderly, health, housing and roads.

"Pauline has also been vocal concerning environmental issues in support of her local community. Pauline lives in Kilnaleck and is married to Pearse, a political prisoner in Castlerea prison.

"She is a teacher in Cavan Vocational School, where she is co-ordinator of the Leaving Certificate Applied Course, and a member of the Board of Management.

"She trains the school's camogie teams and underage teams in her local Crosserlough club.

"Pauline is an active trade unionist in the Teachers' Union of Ireland, where she is school representative and branch secretary.

"She is secretary of Kilnaleck and District Community Co-operative. She is currently chairperson of Cavan Sinn Fein and at a national level a member of the party's Ard Comhairle."

She lives alone at the couple's luxury bungalow in Kilnaleck and has been keeping herself busy while awaiting the impending birth of her baby.

A pal said: "She's very active in the community and was at the local council meeting here a few nights ago.

"She certainly hasn't let her pregnancy keep her from her council duties."

This is just the latest prison security shame to hit the Department of Justice, and Minister Michael McDowell.

Only days ago mobile phones, plasma TVs, drugs and budgies were confiscated from some of Ireland's hardest criminals on the E1 wing of Portlaoise Prison.

But still last night a spokesman for the Department of Justice said the department does not comment on individual cases.

Fine Gael Justice spokesman Jim O'Keeffe would not comment on the row yesterday.

But a party source said: "Jim does not want to go public and create a row over this but you can be sure people in the party are furious.

"When he heard about it, it would be right to say he was shocked. I mean, this sort of thing should not be going on. Here's a man in prison for killing someone for goodness sake."

But Labour's Justice spokesman Brendan Howlin said there was NO reason McCauley shouldn't be able to start a family from behind bars and that the issue of conjugal visits needs to be looked at more closely.

He added: "I don't think I would deny people conjugal rights, I think that's something that needs to be looked at in a broader way.

"It's something we've discussed in the context of prison reform. So I certainly wouldn't be jumping up and down about it.

"People who are long-term in prison, there are two people involved, a husband and a wife, and conjugal rights are internationally accepted as part of the fundamental rights of people.

"What are you suggesting that his wife has no entitlement to a child?

"In general terms we look at conjugal rights as an issue.

"You're right in terms of this, it is an extraordinary situation for victims of any serious crime and this is a horrendous crime.

"And obviously we would prefer that people convicted of murder were behind bars for a very long time.

"But I wouldn't confuse the two issues which is in general terms there is an entitlement to have some structure for conjugal rights.

"It's something we have touched upon in our discussions and it's something that has to be visited again in the future.

"I would have no comment about an individual's circumstances."

In February McAuley and Jeremiah Sheehy were forced to pay court costs for a failed High Court plea to have them released under the Good Friday Agreement.

They claimed being kept in jail was an infringement of their human rights.

But Mr Justice Daniel Herbert ruled their imprisonment was not discrimination.

And Ann McCabe said it was the right decision, adding: "I don't think they should be allowed costs.

"If it was the likes of you or I who had to go to the High Court we would have to pay our own costs.

"It would be the taxpayers' money that are paying their costs so I don't see why they should.

"I'm very glad at the outcome of the High Court that they have to pay their own costs, but I'm sure they won't be found wanting.

"There will be people who want to pay their money for them - people within Sinn Fein/IRA, people who they represent and who represent them."


Sinn Fein councillor Pauline Tully and jailed IRA man Pearse McCauley leave St Patrick's Church after their marriage; Pearse McAuley leaving the court of Criminal Appeal where the State was appealing against the leniency of his; Pearse McAuley's house near Kilnaleck Co. Cavan
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