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Shazam! UK release date, cast, trailer, Dwayne Johnson spin-off; Shazam! is blasting his way into UK cinemas and here is the release date, cast and trailers information you need.

Byline: Lewis Knight

Time to embrace your inner super-adult, kids!

Shazam! is the next film from the Worlds of DC to hit cinemas, sharing the universe ofWonder Woman,Aquamanand the rest of theJustice League.

Taking on a more comical tone, the film starringZachary Levifocuses on a young orphan who is forever transformed by an ancient Wizard that transforms him into a godlike being to defend the Earth from villains.

But when can the UK expect the new superhero movie?

Also, there's been talk of a spin-off film starringDwayne Johnson, so what is that all about?

Here are the details you need.

Shazam! will be released in UK cinemas on April 5, 2019 .

The film will have been released on the European continent on April 4, with France getting it on April 3.

The US cinematic release is the same day as the UK, April 5.

Shazam! movie action figures give first look at Seven Deadly Sins

Zachary Levi and Asher Angel as William "Billy" Batson/Shazam

Chuck star Levi plays the adult superhero Shazam that young orphan Billy Batson (Disney star Angel) is transformed into after being bestowed with he powers of the "Champion of Eternity" by a wizard.

His abilities include: the wisdom of Solomon, the superhuman strength of Herculues, the stamnia of Atlas, the lightning powers of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the super-speed of Mercury which also gives him flight powers.

Batson replaces a previous ancient hero appointed by the Council of Eternity, who turned on them and killed them all except for the Wizard Shazam, but more on him later.

The character was once called Captain Marvel, but due to rights issues with Marvel Comics, the name was surrendered to them - with the heroine Captain Marvel getting her own film in cinemas a month prior to this film.

Levi has spoken out onfans of Shazam! hating on the Marvel film, however.

Mark Strongas Dr. Thaddeus Sivana

Comic book villain veteran Strong portrays the evil mad scientist and industrialist, Dr. Sivana, who was summoned by the Wizard but not selected as the Champion of Eternity.

Sivana is obsessed with learning the secrets of magic.

Jack Dylan Grazer as Frederick "Freddy" Freeman

The IT star plays Billy's foster and brother and best friend. He knows Billy's superhero secret as he his confidante and a superhero superfan.

Freeman is also disabled.

Djimon Hounsouas Shazam/The Wizard

Another superhero genre veteran, Hounsou has played Korath the Pursuer in Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain Marvel. before playing Ricou, King of the Fishermen, in Aquaman.

Here the actor is the ancient wizard known as Shazam, who awards Batson his abilities.

Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield

The Ghost Whisperer star plays Batson's protective foster sister, Mary.

In the comics, Mary became one of the first major superheroines, Mary Marvel.

Ian Chen as Eugene Choi

The young Fresh Off the Boat actor will play Billy's bookish foster brother, Eugene.

In the comics, Eugene has also enjoyed the powers of Shazam on occasion.

Jovan Armand as Pedro Pena

Armand plays Billy's shy and sensitive foster brother, Pedro.

In the comics, Eugene has also enjoyed the powers of Shazam on occasion.

Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley

Herman plays Billy's youngest foster sibling, Darla.

In the comics, Eugene has also enjoyed the powers of Shazam on occasion.

Cooper Andrews as Victor Vasquez

The Walking Dead actor Andrews plays Billy's working class foster father, Victor.

Marta Milans as Rosa Vasquez

Milans plays Billy's working class foster mother, Rosa.

Henry Cavillhad been due to cameo as Superman/Clark Kent in the film, but had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict.

Additionally, it sounds likehe's no longer the Man of Steel.

Set two years after the alien invasion by Steppenwolf in Justice League, teenage orphan Billy Batson moves into his seventh foster home with the Vasquez family in Fawcett City.

As he finds his way with his new foster family, Billy is one day transported out of a subway car and into another magical realm, where an ancient wizard bestows godlike powers to him, which can be used in an adult form after uttering the word 'Shazam!"

With Batson grappling his use of an adult body and fantastic new abilities, he and his close foster brother Freddy Freeman must find a way to use these powers to defeat the sinister Dr. Thaddeus Sivana.

We also know that villains known asThe Seven Deadly Sins will make an appearance.

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Multiple trailers have now been released for Shazam!, including the one at the top of the article.

One wasreleased at Comic-Con, while another showed off whatDr. Sivana has in store.

The footage suggests a comical but earnest tone to the film, whilst showing off the main plot beats to the story, setting us up nicely for th film.

Zachary Levi slams Captain Marvel hate campaign: "This is not helping" Shazam!

In early stages of development, Dwayne Johnson had been cast to appear as Black Adam - the Ancient superhero gifted the godlike powers of Shazam by the Council of Eternity before he turned on them.

Adam was due to be the central antagonist of the film, before this was changed to Sivana, with Johnson still cast to play the role in a spin-off film.

Black Adam's solo film would portray him as more of an anti-hero, and it still sounds on like Johnson is signed on to play the role.

Producer Hiram Garcia updatedMovieWebon the spin-off last year.

"Black Adam is definitely happening," said Garcia. "We're actually very deep into a script on it right now, which is coming along really well.

"I'm really excited with the story we've crafted. Look, I've always been a huge comic book fan. I've always had this dream, I've always wanted to, You know, you kind of have like these goals of like, 'One day I'd love to be able to do this and this,' and making a superhero movie was definitely always one of my dreams.

"For the longest time, you know you kind of have this living superhero in Dwayne Johnson, so I was always trying to figure out what's the perfect character that will kind of fit him and his look and his build and his kind of edge and the attitude he's got."

Sounds like we should expect the film on Black Adam, eventually!

Shazam! is released in UK cinemas on April 5, 2019.

Worlds of DC - The DCEU


Credit: Warner Bros

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Shazam! trailer drops at Comic Con

Credit: Warner Bros

Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana

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Credit: DC Comics


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