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Shaun Wright FLOPS; ENGLAND ACE A LET-DOWN IN BED BEST RESULT IS A 10 MINUTE ROMP Lapdancer tells how pounds 20m soccer star was clueless at scoring...


SOCCER star Shaun Wright-Phillips has been branded a flop in the bedroom by a gorgeous lapdancer.

Stunning Aine Cunningham, 22, revealed that Shaun - renowned for his fast footwork on the pitch - was even faster in bed.

In an exclusive interview with The People, Aine said: "It was a case of wham bam thank you ma'am. He was a pretty selfish lover.

"The first time he took me to bed it was over in a flash. I was expecting him to have loads of stamina because he is a professional footballer, but he didn't.

"The second half when we. went back to his house was a repeat performance. He only lasted about five or ten minutes.

"He might be good in the penalty box but he doesn't know how to truly score with a woman."

The pounds 20million-rated Man City and England midfielder scored a quickie for his side yesterday after only 12 minutes, but this time he did last the distance, adding a second in the final minute.

Aine told how he...

SHOCKED her with smutty text messages before they had even been to bed.

LUSTED after her 36E curves and revealed he hates skinny women.

AMAZED her with the size of his manhood, but...

DISAPPOINTED her with his slapdash love-making and betraying her with another dancer.

Shaun, who has signed a new pounds 30,000-a-week contract with the Blues, bombarded curvy Aine with saucy texts and phone calls after spotting her at the Fantasy strip club in Manchester where she was dancing in a white PVC nurse's uniform.

A few nights later Shaun, 23 - step-son of Arsenal legend Ian Wright - went to another club where Aine was stripping.

She said: "I gave him about eight private dances and Shaun loved it. He kept saying he loved my bum and my breasts which are 36E. He hates skinny girls and he loved my curves.

"After that he started to get really cheeky with the text messages - asking for threesomes with him and his friend.

"He was being really smutty. He changed from being a gentleman to being slimy."

But star-struck Aine agreed to have a dinner date in Manchester with the star and the following night she went to his house in Warrington, Cheshire.

She said: "I met him in the car park of the Trafford shopping centre and got into his black convertible Mercedes SLK.

"He was driving really fast and I was a bit scared - I think he was trying to impress.

"His house was nice but things like the TV and stereo were gone. He said his ex had taken the lot.

"We were in the kitchen when we started to kiss - he was a good kisser. He led me to the bedroom and said he wasn't a 'player' and so he didn't have any condoms in the drawer.

"We stripped each other and I was really shocked by his manhood. He had a great physique even though he is quite short.

"He made love to me in three positions.

"It only lasted five to ten minutes - it was really quick and I was disappointed.

"I thought he would have lots of stamina. I just hoped it was because he was so excited by me. He was also boring and I think he was a bit inexperienced. I wanted him to be naughty and adventurous but he wasn't. I was totally unsatisfied and he was utterly selfish.

"I was a bit embarrassed for him because he was so bad but he just started getting dressed straight away."

A couple of days later Shaun sent Aine more rude text messages.

Aine said: "He asked me to give him a lewd sex act and that if I didn't he would go somewhere else. That infuriated me.

"I then got a job at another club in Preston and he came to see me there. The manager was really sucking up to him - Shaun loved it. He was also getting lots of attention from the other girls.

"The next time I was in the club one of the dancers told me he was getting close to another girl."

Aine texted the soccer idol to say she didn't want to see him again, then deleted his number.

But a few weeks later love-hungry Shaun started texting her again. Aine asked him to sign a shirt for her dad's birthday and went to Shaun's home to collect it. Then the inevitable happened. Aine said: "We started kissing again and we went to the bedroom.

"He asked to see my boobs and I took my top off. I started fondling him and we got naked. This time he had condoms in his drawer so I guess he had turned into a 'player'.

"But he was dead quick again. We started in the missionary position again and I also went on top.

"He only lasted about five or ten minutes again and then he just started getting dressed. I just told myself I would never do that again.

"I had asked him if he had been with the other dancer but he denied it." At the time Shaun had a brief split up from his long-term girlfriend Naomi Brown, 21. The couple have two young children but weren't living together when Shaun met Aine.

The lapdancer realises she should have been more aware when she first met the star in the Fantasy club. She said: "He really enjoyed the dances. He said it was the first lap dance he had had.

"But I could tell he wanted to do more than just watch me dance.

He was breathing heavily and had that look in his eyes. When he asked me for my number I said no at first but he kept pestering me so eventually I gave it to him."

Aine said she should have guessed that the star had a selfish side to his nature - on their first dinner date at an Italian restaurant he failed to leave the waiter a tip.

She added: "He kept texting and ringing and he was a real gentleman and was very charming at first.

"But I just want to warn other girls what he's like. He comes across dead sweet at first but then he changed into an arrogant superstar.

"And he's strictly second division in bed."

Wright-Phillips was unavailable for comment last night.


STAR: Shaun is a wizard; CURVY: Aine's figure impressed the soccer star Picture: BEN LACK
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Jan 16, 2005
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