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Sharp looks FOR SPRING; Paul Stafford guides us through what's hot in the salons this season.

Spring has definitely sprung at this stage so we asked leading hairdresser Paul Stafford to give us his tips and trends for the latest season and we find out what the most popular cuts are at the minute. He says...

"There are two things that are big news this season as far as hair is concerned. Rita Ora's undercut is the one people are coming into the salon to ask for.

The undercut has been around for ever - we started really doing undercuts in the mid 80s - they were punk and post punk then they popped up again during Grunge and Britpop and now they have become the haircut of choice for the fashion world.

Every now and again a model or an actress will pop up with an undercut as a supposedly dramatic new look - Yasmin Le Bon and Miley Cyrus being two examples.

It is a haircut that gets people's attention because it seems to be rebellious but in actual fact it is as mainstream as a classic bob now.

Having said that Rita Ora's is the one that looks most close to that punky ethos. It's very deconstructed, it's quite textured and it looks like it has been brutally cut and that is what gives it the edge.

The other look for spring which will be a big one is Sienna Miller's little sexy bob, probably Hairdresser Paul because it is so undone.

I think that is the mainstream haircut for this season. Mid-length hair is big news, that kind of Kim Kardashian not-quite-long but not-quite-short look. It can look glamorous without having that overdone feel but from a hairdressing point of view it's a bit boring.

In our salon we have an 80s things going on. Our latest collection The Others is a homage to the early 80s, rebellion and opulence in the face of adversity.

It's the complete antithesis of the dressing down, hipster style but it still takes its lead from subculture. The inspiration behind Monte Carlo's look was late 1960s London; glamour, scandal and a little bit of danger.

Think ageing rock band groupie who's seen way too much. Based around the pageboy, this look is as much about the attitude as the shape and finish.

The centre-parted heavy fringe was inspired by Stevie Marriott's great haircut of that time while the rounded shape and exaggerated outline keeps the look feminine.

Olivia is every bit the 1970s starlet in this moody shot that is all about the warm coppers and golds beautifully placed by my head of colour Aidan Bradley.

This shot will stand the test of time because its inspiration isn't about fashion but simplicity and style.

Linzi was my take on the classic Rachel meets The Runaways... it has that quintessential rock chick look but made to look effortlessly sexy too.

Inspired by old footage of 70s glam rock fans talking to Angie Bowie outside a Bowie gig, we modernised Emmanuel's look by working in an antique texture and colour, using stone tones to get that otherworldly look to great effect.

Stafford Modelling my signature "brutal bob", Gemma has a micro bob shape with disconnection and freehand texture to create an almost DIY effect inspired by classic NYC 70s punk and old sci-fi flicks.

Designed around an undercut box-bob, the emphasis is on extreme contrasts; pushing haircutting techniques with precision but avant garde design.

My colourist Aidan then used the architecture of the shape to add violet and lavender tones to a cool grey blonde base.

To book an appointment with Paul or one of his team visit or call 028 9066 2554.


Rita Ora on The Voice UK with her undercut

Monte Carlo is Paul's take on 1960s London glamour and scandal

Olivia is every bit the 70s starlet in this shot

Sienna Miller's choppy look is a real winner

Linzi is Paul's take on Rachel meets The Runaways

Gemma looks ice-cool with Paul's signature "brutal bob"

Hairdresser Paul Stafford
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Date:Mar 25, 2015
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