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Sharp Electronics Unveils New 1-Bit Audio Amplification Technology for Crystal Clear Fidelity.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 16, 1999--

--2.8224 MHz frequency rate duplicates

original sound as perfectly as possible--

--New technology applicable to both consumer

and professional markets--

Sharp Electronics Corporation, continuing its tradition of driving innovation in digital home entertainment, today introduced its 1-Bit Audio Amplification technology, an extraordinarily advanced system that uses sophisticated 7th order Delta-Sigma modulation with noise shaping effect, and an incredibly high speed switching circuit (2.8224 MHz) to recreate exceptional sound with high-efficiency digital techniques.

In addition to numerous applications for the professional audio industry, Sharp also sees this as a major contribution to the consumer and home audio market. The company plans to incorporate this core technology into a wide range of audio products, beginning with the Sharp SM-SX100 amplifier, a 100 watt/channel stereo pre-main amplifier available in the United States fourth quarter of this year.

"Ultimately, Sharp expects this new technology to cross all product lines and enhance every facet of the audio market and beyond. Eventually it will allow Sharp and the industry to incorporate state-of-the art hi-fidelity sound even into extremely small products. For example, this would be ideal for high-quality portable units, minisystems, component systems and car stereos, in addition to A/V surround amplifiers and Public Address (PA) systems," said Peter Bellman, Product Manager, Sharp Audio group.

The Sharp 1-Bit Amplifier is extremely efficient, using only 50 percent of the electrical power compared to a conventional analog amplifier with same power output. Heat dissipation is also reduced 80 percent, allowing for a unit that is 1/4 the size of analog amplifiers.

The exceptionally fast 7th order 1-Bit (DELTA)(SIGMA) (Delta-Sigma) modulator and advanced noise shaping combine to process the analog signal at a rate much higher than that of traditional multi-bit Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) systems. The result is that the sound reproduced by the new digital system is the closest possible to the original sound. Because the Sharp 1-Bit Delta-Sigma modulator samples at a rate 64 times that of CD PCM/16-Bit, the digital standard that has emerged in the last decade, the 1-Bit Amplifier reproduces sound of a caliber well beyond that of traditional amplifiers.

Until now, digital signals faced potential degradation by the quantization and coding process. Because of the 1-Bit Amplifier's 2.8224 MHz resolution and 7th -order noise shaping, the original fidelity of the analog signal is better maintained, resulting in sound quality which is closer to the original analog sound.

As a global technology innovator, Sharp Electronics leads in engineering and development that has resulted in new product categories, advanced standards and transformation in home entertainment, including LCD, Viewcam, MiniDisc, DVD, and DTV technologies. With the introduction of 1-Bit Audio Amplification, Sharp takes its expertise into the high-end audio realm, establishing a new audio technology standard.

Advantages of 1-Bit Amp

-- Excellent Transient Response (Ultra-high 2.8224 MHz Sampling


-- Frequency Response (Target 5Hz to 100 KHz)

-- Superior Dynamic Range (Target 110 dB at audible range)

-- Extraordinary Efficiency (half the power consumption of an analog

amp at normal listening levels)

-- Cool Running (80 percent less heat dissipation than an analog amp

of comparable rating)

-- Compact size (1/4 the size of traditional analog amplifiers)

Possible Applications for One-Bit Delta-Sigma modulator

Sharp will incorporate 1-Bit Audio technology into the following product groups by utilizing these advantages; quality sound, efficiency, compact size and immunity against noise.

- DVD - A/V Amplifier - LCD Monitor TV - Car Audio - Professional Audio - Home Audio - Home Theater - Portable/Outdoor Audio - Personal Computer

- PDA - Digital Home Appliance

For on-line information on Sharp's audio products and technology, please visit Sharp's Web site at or call 1-877-DTV-SHARP.

Sharp Electronics Corporation is the U.S. sales and marketing subsidiary of Japan's Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer of the core technologies that are playing an integral role in shaping the next generation of portable audio and home entertainment products. Responsible for introducing the revolutionary Viewcam and SharpVision line of LCD projectors, Sharp continues to demonstrate its leadership in entertainment by advancing technologies such as High Definition Digital Television (HDTV), MiniDisc (MD) and 1-Bit Audio Amplification. Sharp provides a variety of innovative, entertainment-related solutions designed to help increase enjoyment while offering functionality to meet customer needs. Dedicated to improving people's lives through the use of advanced technology and a commitment to innovation, quality, value and design, Sharp Electronics employs approximately 3,100 people nationwide to support its more than 50 product lines.
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