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Sharp's delivers a new ad message of "anything, anytime." (Miller Brewing Co.'s non-alcohol brew)

"Great beer taste anytime" is the message delivered in a new ad-campaign for Sharp's non-alcohol brew from Miller Brewing Co.

The campaign consists of television and radio spots, along with outdoor and print advertising. Two 30-second TV commercials are scheduled to run throughout the year on prime-time, late-night and sports programming.

One spot, "Goes With," features both country and contemporary rock music in a bar setting. Over scenes of dancing couples at both bars, the announcer explains that just as country goes with western and rock goes with roll, "the great taste of Sharp's goes with anything, anytime."

The other spot, "Go All Out," shows people participating in various sports. The voice-over notes that when you go all out, "take time out for the great taste of Sharp's, anytime."

"By showing people enjoying the activities in these ads, we are emphasizing that you can enjoy a Sharp's in the same situations that you would a regular beer," said brand manager Ann Janikowsky.

"Our advertising effort also conveys other beer attributes of non-alcohol brew by reinforcing the message that when you want the taste and refreshment of a beer, but without the alcohol, have a Sharp's," she added.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 22, 1993
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