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Sharon Says Negev i >IS Barak's to Surrender.

Israel Faxx Staff Report

Likud prime ministerial candidate Ariel Sharon said while visiting the Negev that Prime Minister Ehud Barak had no right to hand over any part of the region to the Palestinians. "The Negev is not Barak's private property and no one has authorized him to give back areas of the Negev."

He told reporters covering the visit, "We came to have a good look at the (Halutza) area and understand the dangers in handing it over to the Palestinians...Such a step is rash and borders on irresponsibility. Barak is making a grave mistake because Arafat is continuing with his plans to implement the partition plan from 1947, with the objective of pushing Israel back to the partition lines that were already rejected then.

"Giving back territories constitutes a dangerous precedent and allowing the Palestinians into the heart of the Negev would put the towns bordering on the Haluza dunes enclave in a difficult position and turn them into confrontation line communities."

Sharon said that the Negev was the country's principal land reserve and one million immigrants would have to be settled in it within the next 10-15 years. (Editor's Note: Sharon lives on a private farm in the Negev)

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Jan 17, 2001
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