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Whale shark carcass found floating off Pulau Pangkor. Jan 24, 2021 314
Expert to prove not all sharks man eaters. Jan 10, 2021 213
ChoiceSpine Gets Tiger Shark Interbody System Milestone. Jan 4, 2021 203
ChoiceSpine Gets Tiger Shark Interbody System Milestone. Jan 4, 2021 214
ChoiceSpine Gets Tiger Shark Interbody System Milestone. Jan 4, 2021 214
ChoiceSpine completes milestone Tiger Shark implants. Dec 31, 2020 171
ChoiceSpine completes milestone Tiger Shark implants. Dec 31, 2020 167
Tourist killed in shark attack after beast tore off her leg off in Caribbean; The 38-year-old tourist died after being mauled by what authorities believe was a tiger shark, as she swam off the coast of Orient Bay, on the island of Saint Martin. By, Ernest Bio Bogore Dec 15, 2020 347
'Butanding' sighting proves Sorsogon, Masbate waters are significant reproductive habitats for whale sharks. Dec 14, 2020 459
Nearly 100 whales die in mass beach stranding with great white sharks circling; Experts believe great white sharks were stalking the waters near the Chatham Islands in New Zealand where nearly 100 exhausted pilot whales became stranded and had to be euthanised. By, Ryan Merrifield Nov 26, 2020 336
UAE Warns 2 Whale Sharks Spotted in its Water. Nov 10, 2020 309
Physiological Impairment as a Result of Bile Accumulation in an Apex Predator, the Tiger Shark (Galeocerdo cuvier Peron & Lesueur, 1822). Wosnick, Natascha; Chaves, Ana Paula; Niella, Yuri Vieira; Takatsuka, Veronica; Hazin, Fabio Hissa V Report Nov 1, 2020 6489
Massive Great White Shark 'tries to bite into cage where three tourists were diving'; Shark expert Jimi Partington, 36, from Manchester captured the footage on a diving expedition in 2019 near Guadalupe Island, Mexico, where the animals hunt, and insists nobody was in any danger. By, Jade Knowles & Thomas McArthur Oct 19, 2020 483
Tourism hurting whale sharks in Oslob - study. Oct 14, 2020 737
95% of endangered Oslob, Cebu whale sharks injured due to tourism study. Oct 9, 2020 973
Man dives into sea to swim with harmless shark only to find it was 'great white'; A young man panicked after diving into the Pacific Ocean in Encinitas, San Diego County, to swim with what he thought was a basking shark, only to realise it might be a great white. By, Ryan Merrifield Sep 29, 2020 350
Huge 18ft shark passes within inches of a stunned swimmer off the Scottish coast; Ryan Leith had spent days looking for a basking shark off the coast of the Shetland Islands in Scotland when he encountered two sharks close to the coastline at Fladdabiste. By, Michael Havis Sep 5, 2020 467
19 new whale sharks spotted in waters of Ticao-Burias Pass Protected Seascape. Aug 31, 2020 324
'SharkCam' results in food for thought; WILDLIFE. CHRIS MACLENNAN Aug 28, 2020 186
Underwater SharkCam reveals secret life of Scotland's basking sharks; Scotland could be an important breeding ground for giant basking sharks, new research suggests. Ilona Amos Aug 28, 2020 733
Marine experts document rare whale shark-cleaner fish interaction. Aug 25, 2020 359
Surfer battles shark to save injured wife. Aug 16, 2020 222
Dad who punched great white shark as it mauled his wife says she is the hero; Mark Rapley punched the great white shark in the eye as he hammered it about eight times with his fists until it finally released its grip on his wife, Chantelle Doyle, and swam off at a beach north of Sydney, Australia. By, Kara O'Neill & Chris Kitching Aug 16, 2020 596
Reef shark population depleting in PH -- researchers. Aug 12, 2020 529
Woman crushed by humpback whale days after diver hurt by two whales at same spot; Alicia Ramsey, from Perth Australia, was on a Ningaloo Discovery Whale Shark snorkelling tour when the group swam past a 30 tonne humpback and her calf. By, Laura Sharman Aug 8, 2020 480
Oslob resumes whale shark watching but visitors still few. Aug 7, 2020 450
Whale shark watching in Oslob, Cebu resumes. Aug 1, 2020 498
Maine shark attack: Police deploy helicopters and boats in hunt for killer great white; Concentrated searches have begun in Maine's waters after Julie Dimperio Holowach, 63, was killed by a great white, while beaches in Long Island have been closed after multiple sightings. By, Ryan Merrifield Jul 30, 2020 444
Reef tales: candid cams reveal shark populations in decline. Jul 23, 2020 620
Dubai: Scuba diving with sharks at the Atlantis aquarium. Yousra Zaki, Assistant Editor Features Jul 21, 2020 547
Cebu's whale shark watching enterprise lost P35M. Jul 18, 2020 460
Meet the world's biggest Tiger Shark -second deadliest after Great White; Marine biologist and shark expert Kori Garza believes the world's second deadliest species of shark is getting bigger and stronger as she searches for the reasons why. By, Kelly-Ann Mills Jul 15, 2020 387
Use of aerial surveys for assessing abundance of the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) and the giant manta (Mobula birostris) in the northern Caribbean Sea off Mexico. Trujillo-Cordova, Jorge A.; Mimila-Herrera, Emanuel; Cardenas-Palomo, Natali; Herrera-Silveira, Jorg Jul 1, 2020 5588
Why the Kanak Don't Fear Sharks: Myths as a Coherent but Dangerous Mirror of Nature. Clua, Eric; Guiart, Jean Report Jul 1, 2020 10317
Emergence of whale shark reflects marine response to clean-up campaign: Environment Ministry. Daily News Egypt Jun 30, 2020 206
Shark seen off Limassol coast. Andria Kades May 31, 2020 202
Photo of the Day: Whale shark spotted in S. Taiwan. Apr 27, 2020 374
Thermal Range and Physiological Tolerance Mechanisms in Two Shark Species from the Northwest Atlantic. Bockus, Abigail B.; Labreck, Christopher J.; Camberg, Jodi L.; Collie, Jeremy S.; Seibel, Brad A. Report Apr 1, 2020 10723
Ecstatic divers encounter rare, 'friendly' whale shark. Feb 22, 2020 186
Tiger Shark wins crash of the titans; Rex has a jaws-dropping time watching his favourite Monster Truck crush heavyweight Hot Wheels rivals. Feb 16, 2020 477
Dubai releases sharks to mark National Environment Day. Staff Report Feb 5, 2020 827
Fatal Infection in a Wild Sandbar Shark (Carcharhinus plumbeus), Caused by Streptococcus agalactiae, Type Ia-ST7. Morick, Danny; Davidovich, Nadav; Bigal, Eyal; Rosenbluth, Ezra; Bouznach, Arieli; Rokney, Assaf; Ro Report Feb 1, 2020 3158
Bohol town mayor defies acting gov on whale shark feeding. Jan 18, 2020 521
BFAR-10 on whale shark sighting: 'Look but don't touch'. Jan 8, 2020 465
Updated reproductive parameters for the shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) in the North Atlantic Ocean with inferences of distribution by sex and reproductive stage. Natanson, Lisa J.; Winton, Megan; Bowlby, Heather; Joyce, Warren; Deacy, Bethany; Coelho, Rui; Rosa, Jan 1, 2020 10969
BLOOD IN THE WATER: SHARK FEEDING, TOURISM, AND THE LAW. Macdonald, Catherine; Carter, Andrew Jan 1, 2020 16746
Tourism program in Bohol town focused on whale sharks tagged 'fake ecotourism'. Dec 20, 2019 594
Group seeks stop to close encounters of tourists with whale sharks in Bohol town. Dec 19, 2019 673
Malaysia Animal Association president lauds fishermen who freed whale shark caught in rope in Bintulu waters (VIDEO). Dec 3, 2019 456
Cobia, Tax-Free: Here's a hint on how to save: Loosen up around those sharks. Hinck, Peter Dec 1, 2019 681
Immediate ICCAT Ban Needed to Save Endangered Mako Sharks. Nov 19, 2019 630
Whale shark hot spot in Red Sea offers new insights. Arab News Nov 18, 2019 540
Dead whale shark found near Koh Libong. Nov 16, 2019 193
Hand found in belly of tiger shark; INDIAN OCEAN. Nov 8, 2019 357
Killed by giant shark? Fears over dolphin found on Cornwall beach. ADAM ASPINALL Nov 7, 2019 156
Fears of great white shark stalking British beach after mutilated dolphin found; Horrifying photos of the dolphin's remains have been revealed as fisherman in Harlyn Bay near Pladstow, have reported sightings of a Great White Shark earlier this year. By, Lorraine King Nov 7, 2019 440
New Marine Species Found in the Mouth of a Whale Shark. Oct 28, 2019 244
Basking sharks spotted by pollution crew; WILDLIFE. Sep 27, 2019 169
Tourists chance upon school of whale sharks off Charna Island. Sep 23, 2019 570
Fisherman reels in tiger shark and is slammed as fish looks 'very dead' in photo; The man proudly posed with the 16ft tiger shark on shore but was slammed for treating it like a "trophy". Sep 16, 2019 734
Don't feed, ride whale sharks BFAR. Sep 14, 2019 264
A village in Cebu discovered a win-win-win tourism formula, thanks to whale sharks. Sep 13, 2019 1274
WWF: Whale shark population increases. Sep 9, 2019 650
104 whale sharks seen for first time in Donsol. Sep 2, 2019 700
Genetic Homogeneity among Bull Sharks Carcharhinus leucas in the South China Sea. Deng, Zhaochao; Chen, Jingchen; Song, Na; Li, Yongzhen; Han, Zhiqiang Report Aug 31, 2019 4574
Scottish cave swim was a magical way to complete bucket list; HEBRIDES HAILED IN WORLD TOUR Naomi meets elephants, penguins, pandas and our own basking sharks in amazing global trip by. Aug 19, 2019 444
Outrage as tourists 'surf' on back of endangered whale shark; Photos show two men seemingly riding on the back of the protected whale shark off the coast of Mexico. Aug 19, 2019 500
Wounded whale shark dies on Masbate beach. Aug 9, 2019 240
Beached whale shark in Masbate 'possibly hunted,' says BFAR. Aug 9, 2019 411
Shark tooth souvenirs a hit at Taiwan aquarium. Jul 30, 2019 142
We're going to need a bigger telly.. SHARKFEST From Mon, Nat Geo Wild. Jul 13, 2019 133
Fisherman discovers megamouth shark in Cagayan de Oro. Jul 8, 2019 428
Shark can hunt down rivals in the mountains. Jul 6, 2019 547
First description of a deceased juvenile whale shark Rhincodon typus in La Paz Bay, Mexico with comments on morphometry and age estimates. Whitehead, Darren; Galvan-Magana, Felipe; Soto-Lopez, Katherin; Juaristi-Videgaray, Diego; Cervantes Jul 1, 2019 2372
Reimagining Sharks: Sharks are facing extinction. S&H's resident surfer, KALIA KELMENSON, explains why that matters. Kelmenson, Kalia Jul 1, 2019 1231
Efficacy of 2 common bait types in reducing bycatch of coastal sharks on bottom longline gear in the absence of choice. Driggers, William B., III; Hannan, Kristin M. Report Jul 1, 2019 5242
Swimming with whale sharks: What it's like. Travel narrative Jun 24, 2019 827
Video: Let's go swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines. Travel narrative Jun 24, 2019 862
Endangered whale shark spotted in Guimaras. May 28, 2019 181
Baby tiger sharks eat terrestrial birds, study finds. May 26, 2019 429
Dubai's Atlantis releases 15 baby sharks, two stingrays into the ocean. May 19, 2019 203
Donsol, WWF renews commitment to protect whale sharks. May 17, 2019 249
Jawesome; Stunning 7m basking shark returns to feed in old fishery waters. May 16, 2019 270
15 baby sharks, two stingrays released into sea. May 16, 2019 202
Shark diving experience at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. May 12, 2019 172
Tourists happy as more whale sharks return to Donsol. May 7, 2019 393
'Leave whale sharks alone'. Mar 25, 2019 391
Distributions and Movements of Atlantic Shark Species: A 52-Year Retrospective Atlas of Mark and Recapture Data. Kohler, Nancy E.; Turner, Patricia A. Report Mar 22, 2019 15929
Whale sharks spotted in Sarangani Bay. Mar 12, 2019 439
Whale sharks return to Sarangani Bay. Mar 12, 2019 452
Diver Survives Getting Nearly Swallowed By Whale. Mar 11, 2019 616
More whale sharks spotted in Sarangani Bay; PH now with 2nd largest habitat of 'butanding' in the world. Mar 11, 2019 450
PLANT-EATING SHARK. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 147
Whale sharks spotted off Preah Sihanouk islands. Feb 25, 2019 372
We're gonna need a bigger VOTE ... Aquarium seeks to protect its sharks if a no-deal brexit bites. Feb 22, 2019 322
Brexit now having an impact on SHARKS at Blue Planet Aquarium; With the uncertainty surrounding the UK leaving the EU, it is starting to affect the most famous group of fish in the world. Feb 22, 2019 373
Brexit now having an impact on SHARKS at Blue Planet Aquarium; With the uncertainty surrounding the UK leaving the EU, it is starting to affect the most famous group of fish in the world. Feb 22, 2019 373
Samar fisher's net snags dead whale shark. Feb 13, 2019 200
Using oxytetracydine validation for confirmation of changes in vertebral band-pair deposition rates with ontogeny in sandbar sharks (Carcharhinus plumbeus) in the western North Atlantic Ocean. Natanson, Lisa J.; Deacy, Bethany M. Report Jan 1, 2019 8574
Safety nets sink Barrier Reef sharks. Dec 14, 2018 118
Maverick Marathoners: Big bluewater sharks on the rise, or just passing through? Levesque, Juan C. Dec 1, 2018 2180
Mostly Harmless: Sharks we have met. Paulin, Mike; Green, David Essay Dec 1, 2018 2620
Whale shark appears in Hurghada. Nov 25, 2018 183
Oslob limits whale shark tours to 800 guests daily. Oct 29, 2018 294
Surfer 'headbutted and punched shark until it let go' during full-frontal attack at nudist beach in Australia; WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES. Paul Kenny was bitten in the arm and told how there was "blood everywhere". Oct 20, 2018 392
Research, conservation groups track whale shark's movement. Oct 17, 2018 410
Abu Dhabi beach closed after whale shark spotted. Oct 11, 2018 306
Abu Dhabi beach closed after whale shark sighting. Oct 11, 2018 413
Researchers seek cause of whale shark's death in Kwale. Oct 11, 2018 232
I JAWS WANNA BE A GREAT WHITE.. shocking tooth about basking sharks. Sep 22, 2018 229
Get up close and personal with... SHARKS; scary new attraction at bear grylls adventure. Sep 21, 2018 407
Great Barrier Reef shark attack leaves female tourist fighting for life 'with serious leg and torso injuries'; The woman, 46, suffered serious "leg and torso injuries" in the attack off the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. Sep 20, 2018 335
Get up close and personal with... SHARKS. Sep 17, 2018 423
World's First Known Plant-Eating Shark. Sep 7, 2018 500
Dientes Fosiles de Carcharocles megalodon: La Coleccion del Museo Universitario de Chieti (Italia). Parte II: Analisis Paleopatologico. D'Anastasio, Ruggero; Lopez-Lazaro, Sandra; Viciano, Joan Sep 1, 2018 3879
WHAT A FISH TALE: "Megalodon was a real monster, the prehistoric cousin of our modern-day Great White shark, only it was 50 to 70 feet long and weighed close to 70,000 pounds.... Its head alone was probably as large as a pickup truck; its jaws could have engulfed and swallowed half-a-dozen grown men whole....". Alten, Steve Sep 1, 2018 2042
PHL waters 'incredibly important' for juvenile whale sharks-study. Aug 26, 2018 1673
Mysterious Giant Shark Spotted In Rare Sighting. Aug 20, 2018 418
Marine biologist blames ocean trash for whale shark's death. Aug 9, 2018 306
Basking shark seen close to the shore; NEWS IN BRIEF. Aug 4, 2018 181
Majorca tourist beach evacuated as 10ft shark is spotted in shallow water; Families - including children - were forced to flee as police evacuated Cala Domingos. Aug 3, 2018 263
Texas man who swiped shark says he's 'activist, not a criminal' -BYLN-. Aug 3, 2018 189
Video: Lost whale shark rescued from Dubai Creek and released into the Arabian Gulf. Aug 2, 2018 566
Video: Shark loses its way into Dubai Creek waters. Aug 2, 2018 207
Modern Shark Family Diversified After Dinosaur-Killing Impact. Aug 2, 2018 528
Kuwait waters home to 'peaceful' sharks. Jul 29, 2018 377
Experts: Whale shark sighting in Boracay 'not surprising'. Jul 15, 2018 1254
Fisherman accidentally nets three whale sharks in Oman. Jul 8, 2018 168
Three whale sharks caught in Oman waters. Jul 8, 2018 136
Great white shark 'chases' two kayakers in terrifying footage as they fish off the Australian coast; The "beast" circled the two men who can be heard panting in the video as they try to get as far away from it as possible. Amber Hicks Jul 2, 2018 593
Shark Drags Woman Into Water By Her Finger. Jul 2, 2018 495
Food habits of the blue shark, Prionace glauca (Linnaeus, 1758), in waters off northern Peru. Cordova-Zavaleta, Francisco; Mendo, Jaime; Briones-Hernandez, Sergio A.; Acuna-Perales, Nicolas; Gon Report Jul 1, 2018 8400
Boracay clean-up testified by presence of whale shark. Jun 25, 2018 234
Hols isle jaws alert; 8 foot shark stalks busy beach Bathers flee as beast from deep is spotted. Jun 16, 2018 108
Shark rips off swimmer's PENIS as horrified beachgoers try to tie garments around wound after terrifying attack; WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: The teen's penis and femur were "amputated" by the bite of what is believed to be a tiger shark. Matt Roper Jun 4, 2018 678
Mystery of 50 sharks washed up on UK beach. May 30, 2018 121
Mystery of 50 sharks washed up on UK beach. May 30, 2018 120
Fins Of Endangered Whale Shark Species Found In Singapore Airlines Shipment. May 30, 2018 464
Police hunt massive '10-foot shark' spotted off coast of Costa del Sol amid fears beast could attack Brit holiday spot; Tourists and locals were ordered to get out the water after the terrifying discovery in the holiday resort of Fuengirola. May 13, 2018 618
We're going on a SHARK hunt. Apr 19, 2018 286
Huge Basking Sharks Spotted In Large Swarms, Aerial Surveys Reveal. Apr 13, 2018 414
British firm to build aquarium at Mall of Dilmunia. Mar 20, 2018 267
Eco-tourists connect the dots in shark, ray studies. Rutger, Hayley Mar 1, 2018 1256
20-foot whale shark caught, brought ashore in Thatta. Feb 24, 2018 297
GIVE IT A TICKLE; How do you tame man-eating tiger shark? Feb 8, 2018 291
Video Shows Threatened Loggerhead Turtle In Mouth Of Tiger Shark. Feb 7, 2018 284
Microplastics endanger whales and sharks. Feb 5, 2018 932
Whale comes to the rescue of female diver, saves her from tiger shark. Jan 13, 2018 160
Port Dickson ornamental fish centre hatches bamboo shark species. Jan 12, 2018 247
Whale Protects Snorkeler From Tiger Shark Attack. Jan 9, 2018 638
10-Foot Pregnant Bull Shark Caught By Shark Tagger In Australian River. Dec 26, 2017 452
New York equity executive killed by tiger shark while scuba diving off Costa Rica. Dec 5, 2017 207
Young Fisherman Catches Massive Tiger Shark. Dec 4, 2017 404
Playing the long game: In order to protect the future for Madagascar's biodiversity, one archaeologist insists that we have to look far into the past. Spinney, Laura Dec 1, 2017 1841
Giant Tiger Shark Spotted In Miami South Beach. Nov 30, 2017 351
Video Shows Crocodiles, Tiger Sharks Feasting On Dead Whale. Nov 30, 2017 370
A whale shark spotted near Karachi harbour. Nov 21, 2017 142
Whale shark spotted near Karachi. Nov 20, 2017 143
Sharks sighted off RAK's Ghalila beach. Oct 30, 2017 343
'Shark' Charges Toward Man And Cracks Fake Aquarium Glass In Viral Video. Oct 27, 2017 345
Teen girl hunted by great white in 'Jaws' attack. Oct 25, 2017 224
Tiger Shark Charges Directly At Snorkeler In Underwater Attack. Andrew N. White Oct 6, 2017 450
WATCH: Bull Shark Bites Fisherman's Camera And Spits It Out. Oct 4, 2017 203
CAUGHT OUT: An investigation into shark fins and ray gills sold in global markets reveals the majority are from species of high conservation concern. Brief article Oct 1, 2017 282
Trophic ecology of the smooth hammerhead shark (Sphyrna zygaena) off the coast of northern Peru. Gonzalez-Pestana, Adriana; Acuna-Perales, Nicolas; Coasaca-Cespedes, Javier; Cordova-Zavaleta, Franc Report Oct 1, 2017 6527
Gestation period and pupping seasonality of female spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) off southern New England. Natanson, Lisa J.; McCandless, Camilla T.; James, Kelsey; Hoey, John Report Oct 1, 2017 7500
The physiological stress response, postrelease behavior, and mortality of blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) caught on circle and J-hooks in the Florida recreational fishery. Whitney, Nicholas M.; White, Connor F.; Anderson, Paul A.; Hueter, Robert E.; Skomal, Gregory B. Report Oct 1, 2017 8884
APP of the week. Sep 29, 2017 174
APP of the week; Tech. Sep 29, 2017 165
APP of the week. Sep 29, 2017 167
SeaOman offers opportunity to swim with whale sharks. Sep 7, 2017 451
SEAOMAN offers opportunity to swim with whale sharks. Sep 6, 2017 378
WATCH: Shark Trails Man After He Swims Out To Sea To Evade Police. Sep 1, 2017 364
New record and morphometry of the bluntnose sixgill shark Hexanchus griseus (Chondrichthyes: Hexanchidae) in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Becerril-Garcia, Edgar Eduardo; Aguilar-Cruz, Carlos Augusto; Jimenez-Perez, Alexis Alejandro; Galva Sep 1, 2017 1762
Video Captures Great White Shark Feeding On Whale Carcass. Gayathri Anuradha Aug 13, 2017 712
Ocean's fastest shark at risk of being 'overfished'. Aug 8, 2017 414
Great White Shark Seen Eating Whale Carcass In Australia. Jul 13, 2017 550
Sharks round here? Yeah, one or two.. Jul 13, 2017 116
Tiger Shark Bites Man's Hand After He Tried Grabbing Its Tail. Jul 10, 2017 583
THE WHOLE TOOTH; Thinking outside the box with Nicola Methven & Mark Jefferies; SQUARE EYES. Jul 7, 2017 114
THE WHOLE TOOTH; Thinking outside the box with Nicola Methven & Mark Jefferies; SQUARE EYES. Jul 7, 2017 113
Man Catches 964-Pound Tiger Shark. Jul 6, 2017 527
Bloody history of big fish bites. Jul 2, 2017 725
Safe to swim. Jun 22, 2017 336
Populations smaller than previously thought. Jun 1, 2017 353
First record of the smooth hammerhead shark (Sphyrna zygaena) in Saint Peter and Saint Paul archipelago: range extension for the equatorial region. Bezerra, Natalia; Macena, Bruno C.L.; Mendonca, Sibele A.; Bonfil, Ramon; Hazin, Fabio H.V. May 1, 2017 1679
Shark Week. Leisman, Hannah Poem Mar 22, 2017 224
Does Scuba Diving Change How Sharks Behave? Mar 14, 2017 397
Illegal Shark Fin Trade Continues Undercover Despite Ban. Mar 9, 2017 359
Princess swims with whale sharks. Feb 27, 2017 582
Thai princess swims with whale sharks in Oslob. Feb 26, 2017 602
Fisherman gets up close and personal with great white shark - and even feeds it tuna; Tony Didio's close encounter saw the ocean predator swim right up to the angler's boat after being lured with the tasty bait. Marc Walker Feb 2, 2017 288
Diver Survives Bull Shark Mauling In Australia. Jan 22, 2017 308
Zebra Shark Confirmed To Have Given Birth Asexually. Jan 17, 2017 328
Diversidad y afinidades biogeograficas de los tiburones, rayas y quimeras (Chondrichthyes: Elasmobranchii, Holocephali) de Mexico. Del Moral-Flores, Luis Fernando; Morrone, Juan J.; Alcocer, Javier; Perez-Ponce de Leon, Gerardo Report Dec 1, 2016 4865
IMMERSION THERAPY: Two special programs let injured veterans snorkel and scuba dive with whale sharks, manta rays and other amazing marine life at the Georgia Aquarium. Laverman, Amanda Nov 1, 2016 1575
BFAR seeks regulation of shark fishing. Sep 2, 2016 444
Some fin big & lethal lurks off our coast. Aug 17, 2016 148
Shark awareness week at aquarium. Jul 19, 2016 213
It's official: 'Butanding' an endangered species. Jul 17, 2016 997
Shark jelly is strong proton conductor. Conover, Emily Brief article Jul 9, 2016 238
Bornean orangutan, whale shark and widehead shark on verge of extinction. Jul 9, 2016 525
When the hunter became the hunted: SharkCam shows how sharks attack prey. LaCapra, Veronique Brief article Jun 22, 2016 269
Shark tales: satellite tags reveal hidden world of oceans largest fish. Schanker, Gwendolyn Jun 22, 2016 1345
State activism in the movement to conserve sharks: the Ninth Circuit's guidance on preemption and the Magnuson-Stevens Act in Chinatown Neighborhood Ass'n v. Harris. Ichinaga, Ryan Jun 22, 2016 12340
Meeting brings together experts on whale sharks. May 23, 2016 459
Go ahead, mako my day. Weakley, Jeff May 1, 2016 386
Sleep The Night With Sharks At The Paris Aquarium. Mar 30, 2016 717
Bidder spends some squid on MP shark date. Mar 11, 2016 252
Occurrence of an Isurus oxyrinchus pregnant female to the northwest of Cuba. Cabrera, Yureidy; Aguilar, Consuelo; Gonzalez-Sanson, Gaspar; Marquez-Farias, Juan Fernando Mar 1, 2016 3314
Coral reef sharks aren't apex predators: Aussie research. Feb 23, 2016 410
Break Away Belize Travel Announces 2016 Whale Shark Diving Dates. Jan 16, 2016 537
Present yield status, percentage composition and seasonal abundance of shark in two geographically important zones of Bangladesh. Hasan, Monjurul; Sarker, Bhakta Supratim; Rahman, Mahabubur; Patwary, Shamsul Alam; Sarker, Jahangir Report Dec 1, 2015 3489
Lebanese fishermen in north snare shark. Nov 20, 2015 123
Shark hunt to be a whale of a project. Aug 22, 2015 501
Dead humpback used as bait for sharks. Aug 22, 2015 204
Dubai Aquarium to launch shark breeding programme. Aug 16, 2015 463
Dubai Aquarium to save sand tiger sharks. Aug 13, 2015 575
Breeding boost for sand tiger sharks at Dubai Aquarium. Aug 12, 2015 333
New sharks at Dubai Aquarium. Aug 3, 2015 224
Shark attack? Misamis Or. fishers 'saw' sharks eating human remains. Jul 29, 2015 333
Shark in the sky. Jul 24, 2015 124
Spatiotemporal overlap of spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias) and commercial fisheries in the northeast U.S. shelf large marine ecosystem. Sagarese, Skyler R.; Frisk, Michael G.; Cerrato, Robert M.; Sosebee, Kathy A.; Musick, John A.; Rago Report Apr 1, 2015 12232
The Monster of Cojimar: a meditation on Hemingway, sharks, and war. Beegel, Susan F. Critical essay Mar 22, 2015 10698
Whale sharks become instant attraction in Albay. Mar 2, 2015 532
6-ft long whale shark caught in net set free. Mar 2, 2015 178
Australian sharks to be tracked at any time. Jan 21, 2015 263
Mako catch of a lifetime. Thomason, Jeff Jan 1, 2015 1269
Shark's 'teeth removed'. Dec 9, 2014 110
Captura, esfuerzo y captura incidental de la pesca con espinel en el centro de Peru. Ayala, Liliana; Sanchez-Scaglioni, Raul Dec 1, 2014 5092
Jaws 3-D: the skin. Abrams, Michael Nov 1, 2014 624
In cold blood: evidence of Pacific sleeper shark (Somniosus pacificus) predation on Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus) in the Gulf of Alaska. Horning, Markus; Mellish, Jo-Ann E. Report Oct 1, 2014 9630
Carcass of baby basking shark found. Sep 27, 2014 119
Dream job with the man-eaters. Aug 9, 2014 439
Giving sharks a chance as UAE regulates hunting. Aug 4, 2014 946
Sharks: The Animal Answer Guide. Book review Aug 1, 2014 134
UAE floats strict new shark trade regulation. Jul 27, 2014 443
Ministry takes action on shark finning in UAE waters. Jul 26, 2014 490
Great white SWELL; Shark sightings off Cape are a boon for tourism. Ngowi, Rodrique Jul 22, 2014 704
Fin trade banned. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 102
Shark feeding is sense-intensive. Rutger, Hayley Jun 1, 2014 494
Anti-shark wetsuits. Brief article May 1, 2014 129
Angler's catch is Jawsome. Apr 24, 2014 130
A way to swim with the sharks. Apr 1, 2014 403
Whale shark caught off Karachi beach. Mar 27, 2014 137
World's First IVF Shark Born in Australia's Melbourne Aquarium. Mar 13, 2014 394
PMNH prepares documentary on Whale Shark. Feb 19, 2014 519
Sharks feed off the NHS; VOICE OF THE DAILY Mirror. Editorial Feb 8, 2014 179
Tweeting sharks. Brief article Feb 3, 2014 142
Protection for turtles, whale shark under study. Jan 31, 2014 127
America to Blame for the World's Largest Whale Shark Slaughterhouse in China. Jan 29, 2014 466
Luzon Newsbits for January 17,2014. Jan 16, 2014 580
Qatar Whale Shark Research's successful season celebrated. Jan 15, 2014 610
Shark stewards: fighting to save the oceans' top predators. McGuire, David Jan 1, 2014 1234
Development of the early axon scaffold in the rostral brain of the small spotted cat shark (Scyliorhinus canicula) embryo. Ware, Michelle; Waring, Colin P.; Schubert, Frank R. Report Jan 1, 2014 4006
What size shark does the aquarium need? A teaching case involving conflicts in distribution channels/Qual deve ser o tamanho do tubarao para o tanque de peixes? Um caso de ensino envolvendo conflitos em canais de distribuicao. Filho, Custodio Genesio Da Costa; De Mesquita, Jose Marcos Carvalho; Fernandes, Renato Borges; Caixe Jan 1, 2014 1732
Human hunting behaviour similar to sharks and honey bees. Dec 24, 2013 347
Sharks feeding frenzy. Dec 21, 2013 235
Open wide and say aaaaaargh; Close fin-counter for diver as he feeds 16ft shark fish & dog food. Dec 9, 2013 236
Whale sharks come back to Donsol, draw back tourists. Dec 5, 2013 602
VIDEO/PHOTOS: Divers encounter whale sharks off Dubai coast. Nov 12, 2013 371
Multiscale analysis of factors that affect the distribution of sharks throughout the northern Gulf of Mexico. Drymon, J. Marcus; Carassou, Laure; Powers, Sean P.; Grace, Mark; Dindo, John; Dzwonkowski, Brian Report Oct 1, 2013 6338
Swimming with sharks: an underwater robot learns how to track great whites. Baehr, Leslie G. Sep 22, 2013 3111
Historical knowledge of sharks: ancient science, earliest American encounters, and American science, fisheries, and utilization. Castro, Jose I. Sep 22, 2013 18568
Sharks off the menu. Sep 19, 2013 444
Hawaii Shark Attacks: October Spike Feared as Tiger Sharks Migrate. Sep 6, 2013 441
SOS for Sharks. Shinkle, Doug Sep 1, 2013 393
Eye of the tiger shark. Aug 26, 2013 109
Cetorhinus cf. C. maximus (Gunnerus) (Lamniformes: Cetorhinidae), a basking shark from the late miocene empire formation, Coos Bay, Oregon. Welton, Bruce J. Report Aug 1, 2013 8827
Feeding the shark: Amazon's foray into fresh groceries poses a potential threat to traditional grocers. Lewis, Len Aug 1, 2013 744
UNESCO, Pakistan Science Foundation inaugurate whale shark specimens. Jul 24, 2013 392
Display of whale shark at PMNH. Jul 23, 2013 303
Actor catches fearsome cousin of infamous Great White off Welsh coast; AGGRESSIVE MAKO SHARK LAST CAUGHT IN UK WATERS 42 YEARS AGO. Jul 20, 2013 621
Hemiscyllium halmahera, a new species of bamboo shark (Hemiscylliidae) from Indonesia. Allen, Gerald R.; Erdmann, Mark V.; Dudgeon, Christine L. Report Jul 19, 2013 5528
Sharks slap prey into submission. Jul 11, 2013 225
Every week is shark week: go nose-to-nose with a great white off Baja's Guadalupe Island, where shark sightings are all but guaranteed. McAlpine, Ken Jul 1, 2013 1595
Oslob urged to stop feeding whale sharks. Jun 18, 2013 452
Teenager Chris Kreis Rides 30-foot Whale Shark [VIDEO]. Jun 14, 2013 280
Florida Teen Rides Whale Shark, Watch Chris Kreis Jump On 50,000 Pound Fish [VIDEO]. Jun 14, 2013 331
Prayers for whale sharks. May 2, 2013 578
Tour guide prays for more whale sharks in Donsol's sea. Apr 27, 2013 581
Construction of a lifting station at kilo 23.50 on El Sharkawiya Canal to feed Al Manayel Canal via Al Kasali Canal. Mar 14, 2013 120
100 million sharks killed every year! Mar 3, 2013 349
Baby bamboo sharks released into new home. Mar 3, 2013 171
Baby bamboo sharks released into new home. Feb 27, 2013 171
How bizarre: be still my gills. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article Feb 9, 2013 122
Trouble with dusky sharks. Weakley, Jeff Feb 1, 2013 353
Study focuses on whale sharks in Arabian Gulf. Jan 12, 2013 788

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