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Sharing prevention tools.

Possessing the tools to combat the AIDS epidemic is meaningless if you don't share them with the rest of world. That's the conclusion of the Campaign to End AIDS, a nationwide caravan of several thousand HIV/AIDS activists traveling through more than 150 cities, ending with a rally at the nation's capital on November 5.

The new coalition brings veteran HIV-positive AIDS activists together with more recently diagnosed Americans--many of them women, African-Americans, and churchgoers. The drugs and the science exist, said campaign co-chair Charles King, an HIV-positive ordained Baptist minister and CEO of Housing Works. "But these tools are being withheld due to spending cuts, treaties blocking generic drugs, and federally funded programs teaching abstinence-only [sex education]."
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Title Annotation:HIV/AIDS
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Nov 8, 2005
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