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Sharing curriculum ideas.

Carla Baird, began the Web English Teacher site in 2000 when her student teacher was spending hours trying to find language arts and literature ideas for classroom lessons. This media specialist/English teacher from Connersville, Indiana thought that someone should make that information more accessible. Well, Carla did just that, and the Web English Teacher Web site was born.

Today, Carla's site is unique in the way it shares specific curriculum links, lessons, sources, and ideas for writing and literature. Instead of a listing of links, curriculum specialists and teachers can use this free online source to complement their existing literature, writing, English, and language arts curricula, as well as share ideas. "Think of it as the faculty library and workroom on a global scale," says Carla. Teachers can search a subject, book, or author and get quick results.
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Title Annotation:Curriculum Update
Author:Royal, Ken
Publication:District Administration
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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