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Shared vision of an alternative to austerity; LETTERS.

THE approaching election has the uncertainty of a thriller, something not seen for many a year.

This must be refreshing as the same old has driven many to depression or not voting.

For too long Labour and Conservative have stepped into each other's shoes and gone a little further down the same path leading to chasmic differences in rich and poor, and mind boggling national debt. Other results such as health and the economy are hotly debated.

The forecast is turbulent to say the least: The three largest parties of Conservatives, Labour and UKIP are all enemies and all unlikely to get an overall majority.

Interesting to imagine how they could form a government.

There is another block of three political parties who are starting to work together, Plaid, SNP and Greens.

The three women leaders, Nicola, Leanne and Natalie met in Scotland to announce their shared vision - their alternative to Austerity.

They have other shared principles and creative ideas.

They also have a track record: SNP have turned Scotland around economically and environmentally, with social care to the fore.

Greens in nations where they have had time to mature have been transformative (think Nordic countries and Germany).

The brief Plaid Labour coalition government in Wales achieved more than all the other Assembly years put together.

The polls show a world of uncertainty. This could lead to more chaos or just possibly the fresh air of positive change. For inspiration check out Moller, Penmachno

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Jan 15, 2015
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