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We're coming to the end of the first quarter of 2009 and every minute of your time, energy and resources count more than ever. For a change, how about focusing on a plan that includes timely technology elements to increase your business and decrease spending, time and energy, and end the year with profits?

If you are willing to commit to even one new way to set up multiple streams of income, you can guarantee you'll end up in the profit zone. Here are a few ideas to jump start your production.

1. Do some serious e-sleuthing homework. Check the Web to identify agents who "get it." Your first stop is Google to see where they rank, if at all. If you can't find them, neither can a prospect. Then check to see if they have a LinkedIn, FaceBook and/or ActiveRain page. The agents who are on and are truly embracing the technology side of the business.

According to Internet World Stats, there are nearly 1.5 billion Web surfers worldwide as of June 30, 2008. Facebook alone drew 200 million unique worldwide visitors. You cannot afford to work with an agent who is not connected to how business is marketed and secured.

Do the research before selecting agent partners. Checking out this type of info helps you to determine if they are a good "fit" and to identify valuable ways to help them grow their business. If you think they are committed to growing, explain how they can get connected to LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter. Get up to speed using text messaging in order to engage GenX and GenY agents and prospects.

Send an article or a book to them on what they'll need to thrive and survive in today's e-market. ( is a good suggestion).

2. Evaluate the match. After the first interview with an agent, you still need to identify if this is the right partner fit. Set up a second meeting to ask what type of marketing plan they have in place for 2009. Ask questions like: "What are you mailing, to whom and how often?" "What type of e-marketing are you implementing?" and "Does your strategy include any stealth marketing?" This information will let you know if they have a serious business plan or if they are planning to "wing" it.

3. Offer your assistance. Offer to set up a meeting to analyze their 2009-10 marketing plan and see where they might need assistance. If you find someone who is open to writing a business plan, offer to help. Then follow up and send some support articles and full Web resources to provide insight into the lucrative response using stealth technologies. (A good free report is:

The new technology systems are phenomenal in securing prospects, tracking data and "auto-magically" sending clients updates with bars, graphs and pie charts that provide valuable tracking information. As an example, virtual tours are much improved and you can familiarize them with the latest versions that include automated voice response systems, automated updates and point-and-click brochure printing services that save time, money and aggravation ( Become a time-saving resource and the loyalty will build. (Of course, remember to follow RESPA guidelines regarding not providing anything "of value" where you would spend money.

4. Review their database. Next, you should identify if they have a viable, current workable database. All too often they have a smattering of contacts here and there, but no real robust single database which is critical for both you and the agent to use as a foundation for marketing both traditional and electronic communications. Suggest they hire a part-time student or stay-at-home mom to begin building a database that is easy to manipulate and is "clean" so that future marketing can be more profitable.

5. Drill deep into niche marketing. If you are certain you have a workable partner, begin developing marketing niches to obtain solid leads using a consistent system with each party's activities spelled out. Determine if the marketing and interests support FSBO programs, expired or new construction, for example. Don't miss out on the current hot markets like short sales or foreclosures. Understand the latest developments with FHA programs. Provide ways to help them with their customers and clients in specific verticals that spell brand insistence in the marketplace.

Don't be tempted to do what you've always done or just focus on refinancing. Where refinancing is a great short-term solution, your purchase business is your life blood and good solid relationships guarantee long-term business profitability.

TERRI MURPHY is a published author, communications specialist, veteran Realtor, consultant to the loan industry, and CIO for U.S. Learning, Inc., Memphis, Tenn., or e-mail:
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Author:Murphy, Terri
Publication:Mortgage Originator
Date:Mar 1, 2009
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