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Role of Glass Composition on Mechanical Properties of Shape Memory Alloy-Metallic Glass Composites. Chupradit, Supat; Raya, Indah; Ngoc Huy, Dinh Tran; Bokov, Dmitry; Van Tuan, Pham; Surendar, Aravind Dec 26, 2021 6485
CML Offers Ultra-slim, High Precision Rotary Actuator. Dec 7, 2021 245
CML Offers Ultra-slim, High Precision Rotary Actuator. Dec 7, 2021 246
CML Offers Ultra-slim, High Precision Rotary Actuator. Dec 7, 2021 237
Bioimplants and Biomaterials: A Review. Ranganath, L.; Srinath, A. Oct 1, 2021 5250
Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Seismic Response of Shield Tunnel Spatial End Structure. Lu, Yijing; Song, Yongsheng; Wang, Yanzhen; Yuan, Jiale Sep 15, 2021 8397
Motion Reliability Analysis of Unlocking Trigger Device Based on CPSO-BR-BP Neural Network with Uncertain Parameters. Tian, Yun; Fan, Hongtao; Zhang, Yuliang; Liu, Licheng; Gong, Kang Report Aug 21, 2021 9273
Influence of Structural Parameters of Shape Memory Alloy Corrugated Gaskets on the Contact Pressure of Bolted Flange Joints. He, Liang; Lu, Xiaofeng; Zhu, Xiaolei; Chen, Qing Jun 7, 2021 7783
The role of branching architecture in shape memory semi-IPNs: Shape memory effect and tube model analysis. Li, Xingjian; Hou, Qing; Zhang, Jing; Cui, Qiuyue; Xu, Shoufang; Ding, Xiaobin Report Jun 1, 2021 7476
DJO Acquires MedShape Inc. May 1, 2021 473
DJO Acquires MedShape to Expand Foot and Ankle Solutions. Apr 27, 2021 220
DJO Acquires MedShape to Expand Foot and Ankle Solutions. Apr 27, 2021 196
Design and Experiment of a Hand Movement Device Driven by Shape Memory Alloy Wires. Wang, Yangwei; Zheng, Shufang; Pang, Jingquan; Li, Sanping; Li, Jian Mar 31, 2021 5790
Scientists From Russia and Germany Upgrade Medical Alloy That Memorises Its Shape. Jan 21, 2021 475
Motion Reliability Analysis of Unlocking Trigger Device Based on CPSO-BR-BP Neural Network with Uncertain Parameters. Tian, Yun; Fan, Hongtao; Zhang, Yuliang; Liu, Licheng; Gong, Kang Report Jan 1, 2021 9275
Shape Memory Corrosion-Resistant Polymeric Materials. Jacobson, Nathan D.; Iroh, Jude Jan 1, 2021 13660
Self-Centering Steel Frame Systems for Seismic-Resistant Structures. Zhu, Lihua; Zhao, Cheng Oct 28, 2020 12547
Bogdanov-Takens Bifurcation in a Shape Memory Alloy Oscillator with Delayed Feedback. Wang, Jinbin; Ma, Lifeng Oct 24, 2020 4720
A New Type of Rotary Magnetic Actuator System Using Electromagnetic Vibration and Wheel. Yaguchi, Hiroyuki; Kimura, Izuru; Sakuma, Shun Report Sep 1, 2020 4212
Finite Element Simulation of NiTiNb Shape Memory Alloy Pipe-Joint Subjected to Coupled Transformation and Plastic Deformation. Chen, Xiang; Chen, Bin; Peng, Xianghe; Jin, Xiaoqing; Ma, Ying; Zhao, Yang; Zheng, Hengwei Jul 31, 2020 7596
The Effect of Ageing Treatment on Shape-Setting and Shape Memory Effect of a NiTi SMA Corrugated Structure. Zhan, Yuanye; He, Liang; Lu, Xiaofeng; Zhu, Xiaolei; Chen, Qing Jun 30, 2020 6149
The Influence of Recycling on the Properties of Interface between Ceramic and Dental Alloys. Wang, Yinghui; Huang, Honglan; Lin, Honglei; Jiang, Lei; Pan, Yu; Li, Xiurong; Cheng, Hui Apr 30, 2020 4080
Unstructured Uncertainty Based Modeling and Robust Stability Analysis of Textile-Reinforced Composites with Embedded Shape Memory Alloys. Keshtkar, Najmeh; Robenack, Klaus Report Jan 1, 2020 4246
Comparison of Bending Fatigue of NiTi and CuAlMn Shape Memory Alloy Bars. Huang, Haoyu; Zhu, Yuan-Zhi; Chang, Wen-Shao Jan 1, 2020 4868
Global Paint Protection Films Market Analysis, Trends & Industry Forcasts 2015-2017 & 2018-2028. Dec 18, 2019 827
Shape Memory Alloys Industry 2017 Global Market Size, Trends, Key Players, Business Growth, Share, Regional Trends, Revenue, Competitive, Supply Chain Analysis And Global Industry Forecast To 2023. Industry overview Nov 13, 2019 991
Shape Memory Alloys Market Outlook (2019-2023) By Top Competitors, Size, Share, by Type, by application, Business Growth, Trend, Size, Segmentation, Revenue and Industry Expansion Strategies: MRFR. Industry overview Nov 6, 2019 1017
Shape Memory Alloys Market ($11,079.1 Million, CAGR of 10.79%) / Detailed Insights of the Industry with Competitive Analysis and Forecasts To 2023. Oct 3, 2019 1402
Shape Memory Alloys Market Share and Growth, Economic Trends, Challenges, Industry Development and Forecast To 2023/ MRFR. Sep 19, 2019 1220
Analysis on the Global Market for Shape Memory Materials (2015-2030). Sep 12, 2019 1298
Shape Memory Alloys Market 2019: With Top Key Player and Countries Data: Trends and Forecast 2023, Industry Analysis by Regions, Type and Applications. Sep 5, 2019 1123
Soft Driving Epicyclical Mechanism for Robotic Finger. Ramirez, Jose; Rubiano, Astrid; Castiblanco, Paola Sep 1, 2019 6783
Scalable Bi-Directional SMA-Based Rotational Actuator. Britz, Rouven; Motzki, Paul; Seelecke, Stefan Sep 1, 2019 3509
Applicability of Shape Memory Alloys in Aircraft Interiors. Weirich, Antonia; Kuhlenkotter, Bernd Sep 1, 2019 7058
Flexible Shape-Memory Alloy-Based Actuator: Mechanical Design Optimization According to Application. Copaci, Dorin; Blanco, Dolores; Moreno, Luis E. Sep 1, 2019 8951
Shape Memory Alloys Market Size, Share,Growth, Trends, And Top Companies (2019-2023) / SAES Getters, TiNi Alloy Co, Ultimate NiTi Technologies Inc, Fort Wayne Metals Inc., Metalwerks PMD Inc. Aug 21, 2019 987
A review: Shape Memory Alloys Market Research, Future, Applications and Opportunities Outlook (2019-2023) By Top Competitors, Business Growth, Trend, Size, Segmentation, Revenue and Industry Expansion. Aug 6, 2019 1195
Shape Memory Activated Self-Deployable Solar Sails: Small-Scale Prototypes Manufacturing and Planarity Analysis by 3D Laser Scanner. Boschetto, Alberto; Bottini, Luana; Costanza, Girolamo; Tata, Maria Elisa Jun 1, 2019 4085
Traverse Vibration of Axially Moving Laminated SMA Beam considering Random Perturbation. Ying, Hao; Minglei, Gao Apr 30, 2019 4102
A Novel Actuator System Combining Mechanical Vibration and Magnetic Wheels Capable of Rotational Motion Using Shape Memory Alloy Coils. Yaguchi, Hiroyuki; Kimura, Izuru; Sakuma, Shun Mar 1, 2019 4215
Multi-Objective Design Optimization of a Shape Memory Alloy Flexural Actuator. Haigh, Casey D.; Crews, John H.; Wang, Shiquan; Buckner, Gregory D. Mar 1, 2019 5060
Car Soundproof Improvement through an SMA Adaptive System. Ameduri, Salvatore; Brindisi, Angela; Ciminello, Monica; Concilio, Antonio; Quaranta, Vincenzo; Bran Dec 1, 2018 8770
Fascinating Shape Memory Alloys. Report Feb 28, 2018 12087
Influence of the Soft Segment Nature on the Thermomechanical Behavior of Shape Memory Polyurethanes. Saenz-Perez, Miriam; Laza, Jose Manuel; Garcia-Barrasa, Jorge; Vilas, Jose Luis; Leon, Luis Manuel Report Feb 1, 2018 4541
NASA Testing Foldable Aircraft Wings. Jan 22, 2018 551
Dynamical Analysis Applied to Passive Control of Vibrations in a Structural Model Incorporating SMA-SE Coil Springs. Moraes, Yuri J.O.; Silva, Antonio A.; Rodrigues, Marcelo C.; de Lima, Antonio G.B.; dos Reis, Romulo Jan 1, 2018 7531
Experimental Investigation on the Behavior of Bracing Damper Systems by Utilizing Metallic Yielding and Recentering Material Devices. Hu, Jong Wan; Noh, Myoung-hyun; Ahn, Jun-hyuck Jan 1, 2018 5494
A New Rate-Dependent Constitutive Model of Superelastic Shape Memory Alloys and Its Simple Application in a Special Truss Moment Frame Simulation. Ntina, Maria I.; Sophianopoulos, Dimitrios S. Report Jan 1, 2018 4217
Tests on Pretrained Superelastic NiTi Shape Memory Alloy Rods: Towards Application in Self-Centering Link Beams. Xu, Xian; Cheng, Guangming; Zheng, Junhua Jan 1, 2018 6859
Seismic Response of the Three-Span Bridge with Innovative Materials Including Fault-Rupture Effect. Ge, Jiping; Saiidi, M. Saiid Jan 1, 2018 6183
Nonlinear Analysis for the Crack Control of SMA Smart Concrete Beam Based on a Bidirectional B-Spline QR Method. Li, Yan; Mo, Tian-jing; Li, Shuang-bei; Liang, Qing-guo; Li, Jian-ping; Qin, Rong Jan 1, 2018 10240
Bifurcation and Chaos in Integer and Fractional Order Two-Degree-of-Freedom Shape Memory Alloy Oscillators. Rajagopal, Karthikeyan; Karthikeyan, Anitha; Duraisamy, Prakash; Weldegiorgis, Riessom Jan 1, 2018 4033
Experimental and finite element analyses study of superelasticity behavior of shape memory alloy NiTinol wire. Amin, Samir Ali; Hassan, Ali Yasser Report Jul 1, 2017 2092
Global Nitinol Medical Devices Market by Raw Materials, Finished Products, Trends and Forecast to 2021, New Report by iHealthcareAnalyst, Inc.. May 4, 2017 632
Fluid Structure Interaction Study of Thermal Spray Coating on a Titanium Alloy. Chaudhari, Rohit; Sawant, Vrushabh; Jebaseelan, Davidson; Dondapati, Sreekanth Report Apr 1, 2017 3646
Dynamical Behavior of a Pseudoelastic Vibration Absorber Using Shape Memory Alloys. De S. Oliveira, Hugo; De Paula, Aline S.; Savi, Marcelo A. Report Jan 1, 2017 4974
Seismic Performance and Ice-Induced Vibration Control of Offshore Platform Structures Based on the ISO-PFD-SMA Brace System. Zhang, Jigang; Ma, Zhehao; Liu, Feifei; Zhang, Chunwei; Sharafi, Pezhman; Rashidi, Maria Jan 1, 2017 3760
Design and Characterization of a Small-Scale Solar Sail Prototype by Integrating NiTi SMA and Carbon Fibre Composite. Costanza, Girolamo; Leoncini, Gabriele; Quadrini, Fabrizio; Tata, Maria Elisa Jan 1, 2017 2968
Experimental Design Validation of Tilting Calibration Mechanism by Using Shape Memory Alloy Spring Actuator. Oh, Hyun-Ung; Lee, Myeong-Jae; Kim, Taegyu Report Jan 1, 2017 5613
Effect of Aspect Ratio and Boundary Conditions in Modeling Shape Memory Alloy Nanostructures with 3D Coupled Dynamic Phase-Field Theories. Dhote, R.; Gomez, H.; Melnik, R.; Zu, J. Jan 1, 2017 9627
Effect of Ta Additions on the Microstructure, Damping, and Shape Memory Behaviour of Prealloyed Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloys. Saud, Safaa N.; Hamzah, E.; Bakhsheshi-Rad, H.R.; Abubakar, T. Report Jan 1, 2017 8252
Nanoscale Mechanical Properties of Nanoindented [Ni.sub.4.88][Mn.sub.27.2][Ga.sub.24] Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Thin Film. Fu, Xiaofei; Liu, Chao; Lu, Xili; Li, Xianli; Lv, Jingwei; Wang, Famei; Wang, Liying Report Jan 1, 2017 3169
Investigation the effects of germaniumaddition on the oxidation behavior of NiTi shape memory alloy in air. Hameed, Farah Saddi; Haleem, Ali Hubi Report Jan 1, 2017 4370
Study of the complex stiffness of a vibratory mechanical system with shape memory alloy coil spring actuator. Holanda, Samuell A.; Silva, Antonio A.; de Araujo, Carlos J.; de Aquino, Alberdan S. Report Jan 1, 2014 5353
Dynamical jumps in a shape memory alloy oscillator. Oliveira, H.S.; de Paula, A.S.; Savi, M.A. Report Jan 1, 2014 4410
Nanoscale strain fields research of boundaries between B2 matrix and G.P. zone in Ni-Ti alloy thin films. Zhao, Shilei; Zhao, Chunwang Report Jan 1, 2014 2306
Evaluation of fatigue life of CRM-reinforced SMA and its relationship to dynamic stiffness. Mashaan, Nuha Salim; Karim, Mohamed Rehan; Aziz, Mahrez Abdel; Ibrahim, Mohd Rasdan; Katman, Herda Y Report Jan 1, 2014 7095
A model to describe the magnetomechanical behavior of martensite in magnetic shape memory alloy. Guo, Zaoyang; Li, Haitao; Wan, Qiang; Peng, Xianghe; Wen, Jing Report Jan 1, 2014 3579
Effect of Nd addition on the microstructure and martensitic transformation of Ni-Ti shape memory alloys. Dovchinvanchig, M.; Zhao, C.W.; Zhao, S.L.; Meng, X.K.; Jin, Y.J.; Xing, Y.M. Jan 1, 2014 3033
Effect of laser welding parameters on formation of NiTi shape memory alloy welds. Wang, Wei; Yang, Xiaohong; Li, Hongguang; Cong, Fuzhong; Liu, Yongbing Jan 1, 2014 2954
Application of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy actuators in a walking micro-robot/NI-TI formos atminties lydinio vykdiklio taikymas zingsniuojanciajame mikrorobote. Doroftei, I.; Stirbu, B. Report Jan 1, 2014 5847
Researchers working on shape-changing mobile phones. Apr 29, 2013 274
Cutting NiTi with femtosecond laser. Quintino, L.; Liu, L.; Miranda, R.M.; Silva, R.J.C.; Hu, A.; Zhou, Y. Jan 1, 2013 1586
Analysis and testing of MR shear transmission driven by SMA spring. Huang, Jin; Chen, Xu; Zhong, Lirong Jan 1, 2013 2964
The effect of operational cutting parameters on Nitinol-60 in wire electrodischarge machining. LotfiNeyestanak, Ali Akbar; Daneshmand, Saeed Jan 1, 2013 3238
Characteristics analysis and testing of SMA spring actuator. Ma, Jianzuo; Huang, Haolei; Huang, Jin Jan 1, 2013 2537
Functionality evaluation of a novel smart expandable pedicle screw to mitigate osteoporosis effect in bone fixation: modeling and experimentation. Eshghinejad, Ahmadreza; Elahinia, Mohammad; Goel, Vijay K. Jan 1, 2013 4205
Hysteresis modeling of magnetic shape memory alloy actuator based on Krasnosel'skii-Pokrovskii model. Zhou, Miaolei; Wang, Shoubin; Gao, Wei Report Jan 1, 2013 2808
Evaluation of permanent deformation of CRM-reinforced SMA and its correlation with dynamic stiffness and dynamic creep. Mashaan, Nuha Salim; Karim, Mohamed Rehan Report Jan 1, 2013 4619
Model and experimental verification on actuator of magnetically controlled shape memory alloy/Magnetiskai kontroliuojamos formos atminti turincio lydinio pavaros modelis ir jo eksperimentinis patikrinimas. Lu, Jun; Wang, Fengxiang Report May 1, 2012 4506
New repair method wraps up damaged bridges to make it stronger. Mar 4, 2012 388
Can castings heal themselves? the capacity of bones to heal their own cracks has inspired researchers to turn their attention to cast metals. Martinez-Lucci, Jose; Ruzek, Andrew; Misra, Shobhit; Rohatgi, Pradeep; Amano, Ryo Jul 1, 2011 1642
Finite element analysis of the effect of shape memory alloy on the stress distribution and contact pressure in total knee replacement. Bahraminasab, Marjan; Sahari, B.B.; Hassan, Mohd Roshdi; Arumugam, Manohar; Shamsborhan, Mahmoud Report Jul 1, 2011 3674
New 'smart materials' process to revolutionize manufacturing of products. Sep 2, 2010 340
Acacia Research acquires patents for medical devices using shape memory alloys. Jan 26, 2010 118
Scientists develop materials with a "memory". Jul 14, 2009 374
Control and design for biomimetics application using smart materials. Bizdoaca, Nicu; Tarnita, Daniela; Petrisor, Anca; Diaconu, Ilie; Bizdoaca, Elvira Report Jan 1, 2009 1238
Shape memory alloy actuator for robotic grippers actuated by two pairs of active springs. Amariei, Daniel; Vela, Ion; Gillich, Gilbert-Rainer; Raduca, Eugen Report Jan 1, 2009 1504
Modular orthopedic implants for arm bones based on shape memory alloys. Tarnita, Daniela; Tarnita, Dan; Bizdoaca, Nicu; Grecu, Dan; Tarnita, Roxana; Dumitru, Nicolae; Bobor Report Jan 1, 2009 1404
Challenges of shape memory polymers: a review of the progress toward overcoming SMP's limitations. Rousseau, Ingrid A. Technical report Nov 1, 2008 12123
About the use of shape memory alloys in vibration damping. Gillich, Gilbert Rainer; Amariei, Daniel; Gillich, Nicoleta; Chioncel, Cristian Paul; Bizau, Viorel; Report Jan 1, 2008 1288
Modular orthopedic implants for forearm bones based on shape memory alloys. Tarnita, Daniela; Tarnita, Dan; Bizdoaca, Nicu; Negru, Mihai; Copilus, Cristian Report Jan 1, 2008 1634
Cu-Al-Ni shape memory actuator for prostheses and other applications: response time and structural stabilization. Dynnikov, Vladimir; Santos, Christian; Matlakhova, Ludmila; Pereira, Elaine Report Jan 1, 2007 1417
On the use of robotic grippers with shape memory alloy actuators in handling light-weight workpieces. Miclosina, Calin; Vela, Ion; Gillich, Gilbert Rainer; Amariei, Daniel; Vela, Daniel Report Jan 1, 2007 1425
Finite strain 3D thermoviscoelastic constitutive model for shape memory polymers. Diani, Julie; Liu, Yiping; Gall, Ken Apr 1, 2006 4609
Materials with memory: the future's changing shape. Gorman, Jessica Sep 28, 2002 1799
Brawn + brains > 1: having acquired muscle and grace, machine tools begin wising up. (Feature Focus: Intelligent Tools). Sharke, Paul Sep 1, 2002 2214
Memory alloys remember two shapes. O'Connor, Leo Dec 1, 1995 1653
Room-temperature-functional shape-memory polymers. Hayashi, Shunichi; Kondo, Satoru; Kapadia, Pragna; Ushioda, Eiji Feb 1, 1995 1629
Shape memory alloys. Falcioni, John G. Apr 1, 1992 812
Shape-memory alloys: forming a tight fit. Borden, Tom Oct 1, 1991 4262

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