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Shannon Sharpe Credits Best-Selling Sports Nutrition Supplements For Season's Outstanding Performance

NFL's Leading Tight End Started Taking HMB, Creatine-Based Phosphagen HP
 Supplements in Off-Season,
 Now Swears They Increase His Strength and Endurance.

GOLDEN, Colo., Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Behind All-Pro Denver Bronco tight end Shannon Sharpe's outstanding season as one of the NFL's leading receivers is a training program centered around a couple of popular nutritional supplements that Sharpe says have been the most significant contributing factors to his performance this year.

After years of experimenting and giving up on dozens of supplements that promised to increase strength and endurance, Sharpe started taking HMB and creatine-based Phosphagen HP during the last off-season. The results, he told CBS News in a nationally televised story aired recently, were quick, dramatic and obvious.

"HMB and Phosphagen HP helped get me to a higher performance level -- one that I believe could take me to the Pro Bowl," said Sharpe. "My numbers this year are better than I've ever done and I directly attribute that to these supplements. My bodyfat dropped, I can bench press more than twice my weight and my endurance is a lot better -- I'm as fresh in the fourth quarter as I am in the first."

What makes Sharpe's supplement use significant is that HMB and creatine both introduced to the market by Colorado-based Experimental and Applied Sciences, Inc. (EAS) are gaining increasing credibility within the overhyped sports supplements industry as the only products backed by credible university research showing they do what they promise -- help people get better results faster from their exercise program.

"After about a week, I saw results right away," said Sharpe. "When 1 took off my shirt in front of the mirror I could see all my muscles -- abs, triceps, biceps, serratus -- and they were much more defined than before."

Sharpe believes in the EAS products' benefit so much that he agreed to be on the cover of Muscle Media 2000, a bodybuilding and fitness magazine published by EAS CEO, 32-year-old Bill Phillips. It will be the first time that an active professional athlete of Sharpe's prominence has ever been featured in such a publication. And it is an even bigger first for EAS, which unlike other supplement companies has never contracted professional athletes to hawk products they didn't use or couldn't testify to for results.

"I was skeptical at first, as I am of everything that's supposed to increase your performance," said Sharpe, who even before taking HMB and Phosphagen HP was known for his Hulk-like physique and his tendency to flex in

the end-zone after scoring. "But I bought these products in the offseason and saw results right away, so I've been taking them ever since. I'm happy to talk about them because I can honestly say they made a big difference in the way I play. I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true."

What did an All-Pro player like Sharpe want for his endorsement worth potentially millions in sales? A car. And free supplies of HMB and Phosphagen HP.

HMB, or beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, is a patented amino acid metabolite that caught national attention this year after results from an Iowa State University study showed weight-training athletes who supplemented their daily diets with HMB gained significantly more lean mass and lost more than twice as much fat then the control group. These results, presented in April at a national scientific conference in Washington, D.C., were consistent with the first human clinical study results recently published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Creatine, the main ingredient in Phosphagen HP, is a nutrient naturally produced in the human body and also found in various foods including red meat. The human body requires creatine in order to produce energy. Studies including one, recently published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition have shown that athletes who increase the amount of creatine in their muscles can recover more quickly between bouts of intense physical activity, which is a key factor in athletic performance. EAS recently awarded a $772,000 research grant to fund a three-year creatine study at the University of Nottingham in England that represents the longest, most comprehensive study ever on any fitness supplement.

EAS, which is privately owned and projects 1996 revenues to surpass $100 million, markets and distributes a line of scientifically-designed nutritional supplements through direct sales and more than 8,200 retail outlets. EAS operates from its $6 million headquarters and national distribution center in Golden, Colorado and now has 140 employees.

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 -0- 12/16/96

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