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Shanghai frozen food production gears up as companies seek joint venture capital.


Shanghai Frozen Food Production Gears Up As Companies Seek Joint Venture Capital

The municipal government of Shanghai has invested some $10 million to build a sophisticated cold chain for the production, storage and distribution of frozen food. And established companies have reportedly invested another $15 million to upgrade equipment on plant premises as well as display cases in retail markets.

One such concern is the Shanghai Mao Chang Food Factory, which has specialized in processing foodstuffs since 1923. In recent years the Huang Pu Road plant has expanded to some 27,000 square meters, with frozen storage space occupying 3,000 square meters.

About 800 workers are employed at the operation, which turns out everything from ice cream and novelty items to an extensive range of egg rolls, pastries, steamed dumplings and buns. Processing machinery imported to do the job includes an advanced line of Koppens equipment from Holland, and state-of-the-art technology from the Franz Haas Co. of Austria and various suppliers in the USA, UK, Italy and Japan.

The ice cream line processes some 2,000 tons annually, turning out family-sized 1,000g and 2,000g packages as well as an assortment of 70g single-serve fruit bars, peanut butter- and chocolate-flavored treats.

Interestingly, some egg roll offerings also contain chocolate and peanut butter fillings, while others feature more standard ingredients such as meat and vegetables.

Mao Chang not only supplies traditional retail stores, but also a shopping center and restaurant that bears its name, in addition to the Bai Du Qiau Trade Market and Kowloon Hotel -- each of which conduct business under its jurisdiction.

The Shanghai operation is just one of the factories that is gearing up for increased production to serve a metropolitan area of about 12 million people as well as export markets in Hong Kong and greater Asia. And according to Guo Yu-xin, former deputy secretary general of the Chinese Association of Refrigeration, other plants are looking for joint ventures to help boost capacities.

"In Shanghai, foreign investment and ownership of up to 100% of enterprises is allowed," he told Quick Frozen Foods International. "Indeed, the east end of the city has a special zone set aside to facilitate such arrangements."


Southern Luzon Fishport Will Boost Bicol Production

The newly reconstructed Camaligan Fishing Port network on the Rico River in Camarines Sur, Southern Luzon, Philippines, has been equipped with two large contact freezers. The $6 million facility, which can now handle 11,500 metric tons annually, will enable the Bicol region's fishing industry to supply frozen fish and prawns to metropolitan Manila and other urban centers of the country.


Jalostaja-Unilever Team Up As Huhtamaeki Sells Share

Multinational food giant Unilever has acquired a 49.9% stake in Jalostaja Oy, one of Finland's largest food producers. The seller was Huhtamaeki Oy, a large diversified group with international operations in the food, pharmaceutical and food packaging sectors.

Turku-based Jalostaja does approximately FIM 540 million (80 mln STG) in annual sales and employs 700 workers. The company specializes in ready meals, fish preserves and canned soups. Around half of Unilever's FIM 950 million (140 mln STG) annual Finnish sales come from food operations.

Timo Peltola, CEO of Huhtamaeki, said: "By uniting international and Finnish know-how we are able to develop Jalostaja's competitiveness by drawing on Unilever's strength in product development and marketing."

PHOTO : An assortment of the type of ice cream products turned out by the Shanghai Mao Chang Food Factory.
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