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Shane on Screen: HE SHOOTS, SHE SCORES.

Byline: Shane Donaghey

IF a knife goes missing in the Beckham hacienda in the next few days, David might find it in his back.

Of course, if a knife does go missing, Posh may take them to those golden balls as Loosgate took on a whole new dimension this week in Rebecca Loos: My Story (Sky1, Thu).

For those just back from distant planets, Rebecca is one of two women claiming to have slept with David Beckham.

If all of this is true, Beckham, rather than having the soundest marriage in sport, makes Bill Clinton look like a monk.

For all its cash, this is where the Sky falls in.

Kay Burley is no Martin Bashir. Hell, she's no Anthea Turner.

But they wheeled in the Sky news presenter for a heavyweight interview which veered dangerously towards innocuousness at times.

Where no doubt Posh was hoping for some semi-housetrained Footballers' Wives character, we got a well-spoken, surprisingly-attractive-given-the-photos young woman.

Certainly she seemed convinced that she had slept with the captain of the England football team.

Occasionally she said things along the lines of 'I can't believe I'm taling about this.'

I can dear. After all, cash is involved.

The interview must have had the same effect as an exocet.

But at least she didn't blame Posh. Which was nice.


LOOS WOMAN: Rebecca Loos
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Apr 18, 2004
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