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Shameful the rich get richer while our food banks grow; views.

EASTENDERS recently took on the issue of debt. Single mother Bianca racked up increasing debts which left her drowning.

The plot line was well done. It brought home the reality of millions struggling to get by on a daily basis, getting themselves into debt and ever more problems.

The plot reached its climax as the Trussell Trust announced that it now has over 200 food banks across the country. There has been a huge increase in food banks over the past 18 months. The proliferation shows just how desperate things are getting for the mass of people. Against a cacophony of misinformation fed to the media about benefit scroungers, the Government has set about effectively dismantling the welfare state.

The right to support is being removed and replaced by charity. Under the guise of the so-called Big Society, philanthropists can choose to fill the growing need gap or not. In true 19th-century style the state is effectively withdrawing from the field.

People pay their taxes and national insurance in the expectation that if they fall into tough circumstances, society will support them.

The fact that these funds are no longer being used for that purpose is an unacceptable situation. It is daylight robbery as the funds are redirected to the rich who have more than they require anyway.

At the same time as news of the growth of food banks was coming out, the Sunday Times rich list was published showing a 4.7 per cent increase in the wealth of the 1,000 richest people in the UK.

This situation cannot continue - the super-rich continuing to accumulate ever more wealth while the mass of people have their basic rights and services cut in order to pay off the deficit.

The time has come when the rich must be made to pay more in taxes. They have in the main made their money from exploiting the mass of people yet will not shoulder the burden in difficult times.

It should be seen as a matter of shame that the fifth-biggest economy in the world is so unjustly run that it manages not to feed increasing numbers of its own people.

Anthony Burton, Birmingham
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 15, 2012
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