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Shame on you for using Welsh insults.

I READ the Western Mail letter, from Mr G O'Sullivan (May 25) with some incredulity. Calling a political opponent, or someone with whom you have contrary views a "windbag" is one thing; to add the term "Welsh" to it, is another.

Are we to understand that from Mr O'Sullivan's surname that he is Irish, and so paints all Welsh people as windbags, or since he comes from Pyle, that he considers himself Welsh, and therefore is more than a little confused? To use derogatory terms towards people with whom you disagree can be seen as unkind, but to add a nationality to that term, especially when you may consider yourself of that nation, makes no sense at all. Mr O'Sullivan, whichever is the case, shame on you.

Hywel Williams Llandaff, Cardiff

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 26, 2017
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