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Shalit Freed on Same Day Written on Rebbe's 'Miracle Dollar'.


The late Lubavitch Rebbe wrote Tishrei 20 on a dollar that ended up in the hands of the Shalit family. Gilad was freed on the same date -- 21 years after the Rebbe wrote the date on the bill. The latest story of what seems a prophetic blessing from the Rebbe emerged a week after kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit was released by Hamas terrorists.

Chabad reported that 21 years ago, Chabad Rabbi Eliyahu Kanterman's wife Chana visited the famed Rebbe and received a dollar bill, a gift the Rebbe bestowed on thousands of visitors receiving his blessing.

Like many others, she held on to the dollar for posterity -- until she visited the Shalit family protest tent in Jerusalem and became friendly with the soldier's parents. Wanting to show support, she insisted that Gilad's mother Aviva take the dollar, on which was written the Hebrew date Tishrei 20, 5751, which was 21 years ago.

When Gilad was freed and arrived home, Aviva, overwhelmed, sent Mrs. Kanterman a text message asking her if she remembered what date was written on the dollar bill from the Rebbe. She did not remember, and Aviva excitedly responded -- Tishrei 20, the day her son was freed.

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Date:Oct 27, 2011
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