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ShaderX4; advanced rendering techniques. (CD-ROM included).


ShaderX4; advanced rendering techniques. (CD-ROM included)

Ed. by Wolfgang F. Engel.

Charles River Media


575 pages




Comprehensive enough to serve novices through masters, this makes the most of the capabilities of this newest version of what was already a prime support for state-of-the-art pixel shade techniques. Nearly four dozen articles spell out methods, including geometry manipulation (batching using light buffers, simulating cloth, using discrete wavelet transform, animating morph targets with DirectXMorph, doing real-time character animation and using AntiTextures), rendering techniques, interlaced rendering, triangle mesh tangent space calculation, hardware-based ambient occlusion, minimally invasive detail rendering, color bleeding, fog volumes, reflections and glossy environments, interactive indirect illumination), image space (texture compression, motion blurring, simulating video recording), shadows, 3D engine design, going beyond pixels and triangles, environmental effects and tools and tips on the SuperShader, radiosity, indicator materials, dynamic branching, debugging and improving performance. The examples in print and on the CD-ROM are inspiring.

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Date:Dec 1, 2006
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