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Sexy TV duo who just love their will they, won't they storyline.

A SERIAL killer's still on the loose,but there'sa far more pressing puzzle to be solved on Hollyoaks - is detective Will ever going to get together with arresting Inspector Dale?

The soap is celebrating its 1,000thepisode this week and,as usual, there's plenty of sexual tension in the air.

Recent arrival Dale,actress and former MTV presenter Laila Rouass,and single dad Will Davies have been playing a romantic cat-and- mouse game for weeks.

He's besotted but too shy to make a move - she's a man eater who's already slept with his son Ben!

``Will's not had much luck with women,'' smiles actor Barny Clevely, the man who's played him for more than two years. ``And I think it's fair to say he's set his sights pretty high this time. Actually he's had his sights on her ever since she walked in,he thinks she's gorgeous,but it's a bit complicated and she's a totalminx.''

``She just goes for it,''jokes Laila,in defence of the character she admits is a manipulative go-getter. ``She's trying to move forward and she's just sampling what's on offer on the way!''

Barny, who commutes weekly to Liverpool from his north London home for Hollyoaks filming, is happily married off screen with two daughters,Billie aged three and eight month -oldLulu.

After a career in theatre and TV,he's enjoying a long-running soap role.

``It's nice to be with a bunch of friends when you come to work and you genuinely do make good friends at Mersey TV,''he says.

Laila agrees. ``I thought it might be bitchy, purely because it's the industry that you'rein and all the actresses on Hollyoaks are so young and gorgeous,'' she adds. ``But it's completely the opposite,everyone is really lovely and they make it easy for you to fit in.''

So do Laila and Barny hope their loves truck detectives end up an item?

Laila shakes her head and even Barny has his doubts. ``I don't know,''he says. ``I think maybe when the honeymoon period's over Will might find Dale a bit too hot to handle.He's just a puppy really and when she no longer wants to take him walkies ... whoknows?''

Picture 1:Barny - Mulberry shirt pounds 85, Dolce & Gabbana linen trousers pounds 710. Laila - Pinko v-neck top pounds 53, Diesel jeans pounds 110Picture 2: Chinese dragon top pounds 164, silky combats pounds 181both by PinkoPicture 3: Laila - trousers pounds 102,chiffon asymmetric top pounds 112, Diesel vest top pounds 25.Barny - Hugo Boss shirt pounds 70,Dolce & Gabbana trousers pounds 205Picture 4: Dolce & Gabbana jumper pounds 120,Armani trousers pounds 95Picture 5: Barny - Bagutta stripe shirt pounds 105,Dolce & Gabbana trousers pounds 205.Laila - Dolce & Gabbana chiffon dress pounds 725


Clothes: All from Wade Smith.Photographer: Eddie Barford.Location: Colin's Bridewell,Campbell Square(offDuke Street)
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Geographic Code:4EUIT
Date:Apr 23, 2003
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